Fullrange horns for nearfield listening?

Since I'd like to buy a classic horn (Tannoy Westminster or something with a Altec 604 driver) for my 2nd listening room I'd like your advice/experience with a listening distance of ca. 1,5m. I belive that in this situation a coaxial driver is important but maybe I'm wrong. However, I want 20-30 Hz bass as well, so fullrange is a must.
check out the galantes and the coincident grand troubadors on agon.
I've heard a number of horn systems nearfield which sounded very good to me. Even at such close listening, the different drivers were reasonably integrated. Horns tend to sound dynamic and the sound "comes alive" at relatively low volume, another plus for those listening in confined spaces.

But, most of the true horn systems I've heard were not truly full-range and did not have much in the 20-30 Hz range. A horn would have to be enormous to do that range.
I listen to my Edgarhorn 100's nearfield and run an Edgarhorn sub with them.
A concentric driver will sound best in your nearfield set up. Bass to about 35hz depending on cabinets and driver choice. Do you hsve a price range in mind?
Sorry, for my late feedback. Thanks to all of you for your input.
They'll work fine. I'm using a pair of modified Ardens that are about 8' from me. Being so close, I could probably use a SET amp for most of my listening.