full tube preamp with phono under $2500

What full tube preamp with phono, MM and MC would you recommend for under $2500 new or less used. I am looking to put together a vinyl only all tube system in my den. I have a Nobis Convigore amplifier I will be using, which is basically an update on the Dynaco ST70. It has very nice wood surround which matches my Sota Cosmos plinth and power supply. I will be using an SME309 with Lyra Delos cartridge. If there is a preamp with a similar wood surround, that would be a plus. Looking for a more natural aesthetic, with wood and tubes. Speakers will be PSB Stratus Gold.
I'd like to be able to run at least two turntables into the preamp, either through the mm and Mc or using the aux with an outboard phono pre.
Any thoughts?
Shindo Aurieges. Definitely Shindo. Read the posts.
The Doge 8 from Pacific Valve costs around $1,550 and is a superb preamp and also has a very good phono stage. It is easily the best preamp under $2,500.

The Audio Research SP8,SP10,SP11 great phono stages vintage but still competes with the best and maintain a good resale if you decide to up grade.
I don't think you will be able to find a Shindo with a phono pre for under $2500. Maybe the linestage Aurieges...
Yes, the aurieges is the one i mentioned for price reasons...i will say, if you can find one, i would be hard pressed to find too many challengers for the money...
But Lloydelee21, my point is that the OP might be able to get the Aureiges WITHOUT a phono pre in the price range he wants, but not likely the Aurieges WITH the phono section.

Shindo certainly has a great reputation, but I didn't want to get the OPs hopes up about the possibility of a Shindo with a phono pre for under 2,500.
ahhh...ok. You are more familiar with Shindo's than i. i thought i had seen a couple on Agon in that price range. i always assumed Shindo came with phono section...so much has been made about how good they are.

ok...fingers crossed for OP then.