full system by truck ,hope it sounds ok????

will have system up and runnin' in two weeks.waiting for the trucks.hoping the components work together.VAC 30/30 SIG amp will get a feed from Sonic Frontier CDP 1 via Sonic Frontier Line 2.VSA 4jr's will send the signal to sonic.anyone see any big troubles or bottle-necks speak out and throw an opinion or words of advice??thks
It sounds to me that you have made some fine choices which should serve you well. What speakers are you going to use?
Oh. I missed the Von Schwiekert's. Your system should sound absolutely great. Please do write a review when you get it broken in. Happy Listening,
Now thats a Truck I wouldnt mind seeing in the Grocery Store parking lot!

I bet thats going to be a great system. Come back and let us know how the VAC and the VS's sound together. I have been interested in trying out the VAC Avatar for myself.
i will write a short review--you bet.as soon as the signals sing to me for the first time.VAC is well known to mate very well with VSA's.i got the 4jr's with 200 hrs on them for a good price.sold the Bryston 4b and put the B&W 802M S3 into my basement system.i have never heard tube gear amplification,soooo this is going to be good---i sure hope????
Should be great! I love my system with VAC Avatar Super and VSA 4JRS. VAC and VSA seem to compliment each other very nicely.
the 4jr's was all the budget would allow.would have loved to try the 99's.