full speaker system, thats close to rear and side

Hello frends,
I've just got back into, the audio world, after a few years away, I wish to upgrade my speakers, as I think the speakers, might be the weak link!!, My System is:
Souice: Well Tempered Labs classic, with Marigo clamp.
Phono pre amp: VTL, diamond, with swichable, plugs, for different cartridges.
Intergrated amp: Krell KAV-300i.
Speakers: Usher Book self's, on stands!!
I am pleased with the above, big time!!, but feel the speakers are the weakest link!!
I live in a penthose appartment, I wish to upgrade the speaker's to full range, at low or loud, to get a full range sound, but placement seems to be a promble!!
I can place speakers two feet from wall, into the lisning area, and toed in, but I have a big, solid book case, on the side's that I can place speakers 1 and a half feet, from sides!!
Hoping you all can help!!
Many Thanks
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"Speakers: Usher Book self's, on stands!!"

That's where they are supposed to be. I know they are called bookshelf speakers, but most, if not all, bookshelf speakers are really supposed to be on stands.

For the rest of it, I think you need to go out and listen to some equipment to see what you like. Recommendations can only get you so far. There's no shortage of good speakers on the market, but even though a speaker may be considered excellent, you still may not like it.

My recommendation for you would be to consider getting something to replace your Krell first. Personally, I feel that is your weakest component. Of course, others will not agree with me.
08-16-14: Zd542
My recommendation for you would be to consider getting something to replace your Krell first. Personally, I feel that is your weakest component. Of course, others will not agree with me.

I'll second this recommendation. Yes, you can do better than the Usher's, but the Krell seems like the bottleneck to me. Krell's stereo amps and not bad, just over-priced, but the KAV series leave a lot to be desired, IMHO.
Hello frends, It seems to me that there is a political, thing going on here, I'm very happy with my Krell amp, it remindes me sound wise, of the Bedini power amp I had, to drive my Shahinian Arc's, abought 15 years ago, I know everone has a opion, on the amp!!
However, My question is regarding speakers, with the above placement, I want a full range speaker, suitable for the above??
I'm not asking for a particular speaker, but a list, that I will research, I live in Aust, and the closes audio shop is 4 hours drive!!
Two questions. What model Ushers? There's a ton of difference between the small S-520 and the BE 718, and models in between.
Next question. What is Aust?
I have found the Vienna Acoustics floor standers to work well with non ideal placement. I have also used Magnepans as they are easy to push into a more ideal location for more critical listening. Don't own Krell, but have heard some great systems that use Krell electronics.
@Timrhu, I imagine Aust = Australia, as that is the location listed on Daveyonthecoast's info sheet.

@Daveyonthecoast, no political agenda here. Your original post simply said that you thought your speakers may be your weak link. I have not heard the Usher monitors, but I have heard their full range floor-standing speakers. They sounded pretty good to me, better than my experiences with the Krell KAV amps.

Perhaps you should have simply said that you love the rest of your system and that you know your speakers are your weak link, then those would not comment on your KAV.

As for your issue of a floor standing speaker with limited space, maybe you would be better served just adding a subwoofer. Since it would be hard to guess how different size floor standing speakers would adjust to limited space confinements. If you have to be close to a rear wall, you should look for a front ported design though.

Rega RS-3 sound good in that situation.
How much can you spend on the new speakers?

08-18-14: Schubert
Rega RS-3 sound good in that situation.
Yes they do. They are deceptively good and easy to live with.
"I live in Aust"

Is that Australia, Austria, or Austin TX?

Must be somewhere that English is a second language?

There seems, to be anti Krell, people here, let, me tell you, this amp, has blowen away, Naim, etc, It is much like the Bedini, I love it, big time!!
This thead is not about the amp, but the speakers, please keep to the subject!!!!
Hello all
I just want, a honest andswer, for the above, full speakers, that will suite, 2 feet from the back, and the same, from the sides, my unit is a typical town house, can some one help
You have yet to answer a couple questions which will help tremendously; which speakers do you currently use, and maybe even more importantly, what's your budget?