Full sounding Bookshelf speakers music only

I'm trying to find a nice full sounding bookshelf, or monitor pair for a new set-up. I have a nad c740, and I'm looking for a good match. I have a budget of $400.00. I don't want to use a sub. This will be for music only. I listen to everything from classical to metal. Thanks.
an audiogoner has a set of hales revelation one's for sale at 475.oo in mint condition.....these are as good as it gets at three or four times that price..a classic bookshelf air suspension speaker that is compatible with lots of different gear...hope this helps
You might want to take a look at Source Technology, they have a couple models in your price range. www.sourcetechspeakers.com
I have a C740 and use the Polk Audio RT-55i. Full range sound, dual 6.5" woofers that go down to 30 hz. They can be
bought used for around $300.00 . The bass extension is as good as my Totem Mani-2 ($4 K)and they have very good efficiency, above 90 db. The other speakers that I would suggest will be the Paradigm Studio 40, V2 or V3, but please be advised that the used price might be a bit above
$400.00 . Hope this helps.

Like vintage gear? Older bookshelf speakers sometimes are a great buy. Bang and Olufsen Beovox S45-2 speakers from 1980 are pretty nice 3-ways gotten used for $200.00. Use the other $200.00 for quality speaker cable upgrade and quality CD interconnects. Or, Monitor Audio makes nice new speakers in the Bronze Series, B2 and above for about $399.00-- that are very hi-tech and very musical. Oh, bookshelf speakers should go on stands as they sound best there. Just friendly advice!
You might consider Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo 1's. They are an incredible sounding bookshelf speaker that performs way past its price of $300.00. You'd be hard pressed to find better for double the money.
What do you consider a "bookshelf" sized speaker? Are you really going to use them in a bookshelf or would "reasonably sized" floorstanders work too? Sean
I find the NHT bookshelf speakers in that price range to be quite good for the money.

If you can live without alot of bass, the JMlab Chorus 706S is a reasonably priced small bookshelf. I got mine to go with the new Cambridge Audio Azur 640C/640A (CD player/integ. amp). For about $1000, this is a very musical small second system for my kitchen area. I believe it is reviewed in the current HiFi plus mag.
Sorry, that is $1000 for the whole system, the speakers should be under $400 US
I don't have a large space to fill(15x12), so I figured the bookshelf would be the way to go. I'm not against floorstanding speakers, but at $400.00 a decent pair is probably hard to come by.
I would still go with stands for the bookshelf speaker, rather than just putting them on the bookshelf.
the hales are small,built like a tank, and are incredibly cheap
See if you can find an old pair of Genesis Physics speakers in good shape. These are NOT the "Genesis" speakers designed by Arnie Nudell. Any of the following models are capable of potent bass response with clean mids and nice sounding treble. They will embarass many "audiophile" type speakers that cost quite a bit of cash. They are NOT designed to tear the roof off of a building in terms of spl's, but they will play loud enough for most folks.

2+ aka II+, 20, 22, 3 aka III, 3+ aka III+, 33, 44, etc... I do not recommend the original "2", only the 2+. Any of the 2 or 3 series mentioned will work well directly on the floor, but you may find that they benefit from being slightly elevated up off the floor just a tad. This tends to reduce the bass slightly, which may be a bit potent for in some environments and is a matter of personal preferences.

You can read more about these speakers at Human Speakers. I know of a shop that has a pair of 2+'s and is selling them for $150. For that kind of money, they are untouchable. I don't know if they will ship or not, but if you're interested, drop me an email. Sean
Epos ESL3 for 300 per pair and beautiful looking. These have been well recieved by both British and American press. They are Stereophile recommended.
I went shopping today, and tried the B & W dm602s3 speakers, I really liked them, the salesman would not budge off of $599. He tried to get me into the next size down for $469, but they seemed to be lacking too much in the bottom for my tatse.(still a nice speaker though). I'm intrigued by this Epos ELS3, but I'm concerned about driving 4 ohms. Any thoughts?
Definitely check out the GR-Research A/V-1. I had the Paradox-1s which were an excellent speaker. A/V1 is more or less the same, with a different tweeter.


Very Recommended!
Check out KRK Systems in Simi Valley Ca.Have had them for 4 years,good sounding,well built etc.Many models....the one's I have are called KRK Roks,about 450$ new,good luck,Bob
There's a pair of Hales Rev. 1 speakers posted here for $450 that might be tough to beat in that price range. Goatwuss gets my vote for coolest weirdo username (wish i woulda thought of that one).
The NHT SB2 is a solid bet at around that budget.Full sounding and not too fussy. I am not sure whether it is 8ohm or 4 ohm, but I believe your NAD amp is very capable with such loads, so you neednt be too concerned.
I recently heard a monitor speaker that blew me away with its richness and fullnes ... Tetra 120u.