Hi all, I'd like to know what is better for symphonic music with a budget of $2500 for the speakers: full range speakers or speakers + separate subwoofer, or speakers with build in powered subwoofers. can I get high-end sound with any of this configurations within my speaker budget? which combinations would you recommend me in this budget for my musical tastes? your help on this matter will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
Hi Jair. If you ask most 'Philes' who listen to symphonic and classical music, you'll find that two of the many performance aspects that they really look for are tonality and dynamics. Some will tell you that "true" full range speakers are they way to go because of the fact that a good full range speaker is tuned well and balanced in presentation. Some may go for the Bookshelf and sub system for the fact that some feel that an 'excellent' bookshelf is better than a 'good' full Range speaker in the upper octaves of musical presentation. Also with the sub/bookshelf system, you can be flexible with the placement of the sub. As far as "High End" sound goes, that's relative to your experience and your 'sense of reality'. If your system is revealing to you and it retreaves full picture information at low volume levels and it gives you that "I'm at the concert feeling" then really what more could you ask for except for backstage passes?

What is the rest of your system looking like nowadays? This may help with matching your system and allow people to give you their opinions that might be able to help you. If you buy used that $2,500 will go a little further since your looking for perfomance speakers.
If these speakers are for your 9'x11' room that you described in your other post, go with a monitor or a small, 2-way floorstanding speaker. A full range speaker will deliver too much bass for your room. I also have a small (10x11) room, and if I did not already have my 3-ways I would go with a small 2-way floorstander. They will have a fuller sound and more bass than a monitor, but will be able to be controlled with room treatment. I'm really not sure about an integration with a sub in a room that size. I would imagine that it wouldn't work very well in a room that size because low frequencies in general do not work in small rooms, but hopefully someone who reads this will pick up the ball. If you can work a sub in to the mix then get a monitor, if not, get a small 2-way. Like Pls1 said on your other post, the room will definitely need to have some acoustical treatment, no matter what speaker you go with, especially if you like it loud. Audio Advisor sells some inexpensive treatment, there's also Echobusters and other brands. Regarding your other post, find the speakers you like, then think about what amp to get for it. Good luck and feel free to email me.
The previous posts are both excellent.

If your room is large enough, a full-range floor stander may be best. Your overall sound will probably be more balanced and better integrated. I don't think you'll have any trouble finding a quality used pair of floor standing speakers for $2500.

If you have a small room like me, monitors and a subwoofer is a viable alternative. At 12 x 16 feet my room isn't that tiny, but I got a ton of other stuff in there too. And that reduces the size of it considerably. In my room, a near field setup doesn't work. I'm too close to the sub, the standing bass waves are just too long, and I get no bottom end. When I can sit at least 10 feet from the sub, it sounds more natural and has much more presence. Also, dialing in a sub can be very tedious and time consuming. Finding the right spot to put it may take time. For some people it doesn't work at all. Fortunately, for me it has.