Full-range vs Hybrid

I was wondering if anyone can comment on the sound of a
full-range planar/electrostat - as an example - against the
sound of a hybrid planar/electrostat?
I would think a full-range would be easier to integrate with
a sub and for that reason, sound better or more coherent.
Companies like Martin Logan and Eminent Technology no
longer make full-range speakers, they only make hybrids.
Is that mostly because of the bass issue, or are there other
Thank You
There are some excellent threads on this topic already. I believe Duke (audiokinesis) is involved in many of them. I suggest you search on "sound labs" in the forums and see what you find, as their speakers are mentioned in most/all of these threads.

- Eric

I have listend to Martin Logan CLS-IIzs and their various hybrid implementations. I personally prefer the nuetrality and the honest presentation of the CLS's. Martin Logan made the Window-sized full range panels when they were struggling to arrive at the magic formula that they used to blend the woofer with the panel. Since they got it right they have distanced themselves from full ranges. ML cleverly pushed the integration point above the critical mid frequency band so the negative effect of the passive x-over is less audible in their hybrids.

While I admit that Soundlabs are a different ball game altogether, CLS-IIzs are perhaps the best full range ESLs I have listened to and they are very difficult to find thesedays. Have a cult like following and no owner would let go of them.