Full Range under $5k-ish

So the time has finally come to upgrade my speakers. I mainly listnm
 to vinyl with the occasional CD or AM/FM radio.

Here is my current setup:
Clearaudio Concept w/Concept MM
Parasound Halo P5
2 x Carver TFM-35x (bi-amp)
Definitive Technology BP-2002TL

I would like to stay under the $5k-ish mark. 
By full range do you mean usable LF extension to 20 Hz?
There is a pair of GE Triton Ones for sale in the classifieds for around 3 grand or so.  I know of no other speaker at that price that will give you the deep bass it has plus a very fatigue free sound.  (I am not affiliated with the seller)
I recently bought the new KEF R-11 and am breaking them in now. I am loving them and they now seem to be opening up a bit at about 100 hours. 
Using a Parasound Hint-6 and it seems to be a fantastic synergistic match so far!


1: How big is your room?
2: How far do you sit from the speakers?
normally 10'
3: How loud do you play?
All over the place. Depends on if the kids are around. 
4: What kind of music do you like?
I listen to a large variety of music. Mainly classic rock, i.e. Floyd, Clapton, Supertramp, Judas Priest; with some newer stuff as well.
5: Is the visual look of the speakers important?
It's important to the GF and a little bit to me. 
6: How far or near to the rear wall would the speakers go?
Currently the DefTech's are 18" from the wall. They could go closer but not much further. 
7: What don't you like about your current speakers?
I like the range they currently have, specs say down to 17Hz, although I'm not sure how true that is. 
8: What are your current speakers?
Definitive Technology BP-2002TL
9: Do you value musicality or accuracy? Meaning would you want to hear more detail out of your system or is your system a bit too fatiguing?
Detail is always nice. I'm not sure I fully understand this question though. 
10: How important is deep bass?
Bass is important as I'm not running, nor do I plan to run, a subwoofer. 
11: What criteria would be in your dream product?
Something that fits my budgets and will continue to impress me sonically. 
12: Are there any loudspeakers make model or brands that impressed you in the past?
Focal and Wilson Audio have both impressed me. That being said both are out of my budget, even on the used market. 

@gregm  I am open to used speakers and I don't need to match the DefTechs for say, just want to make sure I'm actually upgrading. 

@dbphd not completely down to 20Hz but that wouldn't hurt. 

Thank you everyone for the responses.
I didn't think about bringing my amp with me to audition. The only thing that turns me away from that is that I currently Bi-Amp and don't want to disconnect both my amps to bring them with me every time I go to listen.

Vandersteen 3A Sigs would be a good choice at that price point.
Audiotroy (Dave) does not like them because he does not sell them. Or maybe he feels they are not up to his standards for loudspeakers in that price range. WHICH is just his opinion.