Full Range Speakers for 4000 or Less?

Ok folks next thread.

I am looking for a full range speaker with a new retail of 4000 or less.

My Gear: Air tight (atm-2) 80wpc tube amp. Avid Diva TT with signature low out put cart (grado) and Rega 300 arm.

My Room: Speakers will be no more than 6 feet appart, and 1 foot from the rear wall. Room is moderate size.

My listening: Classical and Jaz, only at moderate volumes.

I am looking for a big sound stage. I get tired of speakers where you have to be in the absolute perfect spot.

Ok have at it!

Dr. Ken

:) Thanks
OK Dr. Ken, I have a good speaker that would I'm sure be perfect for your set up and I really think you should look into it. It's the Allison Model 3 Loudspeaker. ( www.allisonacoustics.com ). Run to your local magazine store and pick up a copy of the latest The Absolute Sound magazine Oct/Nov 2004 issue 150, page 99. Read the review and you will see that this speaker has everthing your looking for. I'd buy them myself, but I just bought a more expensive pair. Oh, I forgot to tell you, they retail for $2987.00 a pair. I'm very sure if you look into these you will see that they are for you. Let me know what you think. Uriah
Whenever I see a system with the Rega arm, it is my civic duty to recommend you install the $129 Kerry F-2 Titanium Heavyweight Counterweight. Lots of past discussions about this, and its competitors. It really elevated my vinyl listening enjoyment up quite a few notches, and all who listened felt the same.
I missed posting this to your past Rega thread, but, better late than never. Next, the speaker experts will actually answer your current question.
I would try and find a pair of used Verity Audio Fidelios. They come up every once and awhile on this site for around $4000.00. Unreal midrange and a great big soundstage. These speakers really draw you into the emotion of the music, and I think that is what it is all about. They put lots of air between the instruments with a great deal of detail even at low listening levels. I am able to listen to these speakers for hours with no listening fitgue at all! There are lots of great speakers in your price range, it will not be easy--let your ears make the final decision.
Under $4000 the Vandersteen 3A Signature is alot of speaker.

The Hyperion 938 or the Gershman RX 20's.
joseph audio rm25si mk.II

Great off axis response
tremendous all around speaker
phenomenal value
A no brainer under at least $10k IMO. The Hyperion HPS 938's,
and they retail for $4k.
Gallo Reference Signature III's or the new Hyperion 938. Both great for the money.
Another vote for Gallo Reference III or Hyperion HPS-938.
How about the Von Schweikert VR-4JR or the VMPS RM30?
Are the Hyperion HPS-938's or Gallo Reference III's sonically superior to these two brands?
If so, in what ways?