Full Range Speaker list

I would like to compile a lsit of full range speakers, with an emphasis on kits. Fedd back, additions and or experience with any of these would be fantastic. So far:
a. http://www.carolinaaudio.com/
2. Omega Speakers
a. http://www.omegaloudspeakers.com/index.html
3. Brines Acoustics
a. http://www.geocities.com/rbrines1/Pages/FB-16/Main.html
Linkwitz Orions


These may be in my shop this winter...depending on how the project list shapes up. I need to find someone/somewhere around the Chicago/Milwaukee area where I can audition a pair prior to making the jump....anyone?
Ok here we go!

Prometheus MKII loudspeaker not really a true single driver full range. But what the heck!

The Horne Shoppe.

Hammer Dynamics

HE10.1 Mark II also not a true single driver but it comes close.

Fostex BK-16 Folded Horn Kit . Also Recommeded Enclosures .

Lowther cabinets.

PHY-HP cabinets . Also Tonian .

Visaton Speaker kits .

Manger .

Moth Audio kit .

Supravox kits

Cain & Cain.

AER Fullrange speaker kits.

Bob Brines Acoustics.

Omega Loudspeakers.

There's plenty more!
See: http://www.welbornelabs.com/recomendspeaks.htm
VMPS speakers all come in kits.
Try JPO's list. Lots of links there, probably the most comprehensive compilation.
Horning audio