Full Range or Monitor?

Hi everyone, I have a small dedicated listening room and have always used monitors in my Levinson/Wadia system. Yesterday a friend of mine brought over some Paradigm Reference 60's and told me to listen to these for a few days. He knows that I am in the market for a good pair of monitors and thinks I should at least listen to a full range speaker to see what it does in my room. I had always been under the impression that a full range speaker would overload my room and not image like small monitors, but in this case the full range speakers actually sound quite good in my room. Now I am confused...should I go with moniotrs or full range? One thing I might add, he came by shortly after I returned from a local shop where I had autioned the Sonus Faber Signum...A truely refined monitor that seemed to everything right, although totally different then the Paradigms that are in my room right now. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I really like my mains to produce everything into the neighborhood of 50Hz. It really comes down to personal pref. I've heard all the arguements for monitors and listened to many I could live with but I always come back to a full range speaker. Can't really put my finger on it except to say that possibly I never get the sub integration right when it has to occur too far up the freq range.
Hi Jla! Nini months ago I went the other way from floorstanders (KEF Q-90's for seven years) to stand mounteds (ProAc Tablette 2000 signatures). The look is a lot less imposing, and the sound is more intimate. I can separate the monitors farther and still preserve the soundstage. I did lose some of the do-the-dishes-two-rooms-away impact, but in the sweet spot...ahhh sublime! Sometimes I miss that tangible bass wave hurtling towards me across the carpet, but I'm learning to adjust, haha. All things considered, the monitors take me places emotionally my floorstanders never could. Less slam-a, more drama. Good luck!
Out of past experiances, i would have to agree with Rockvirgo! Smaller enclosure=less distortions=better performance! Even though, the "studio's 60" sound good in your room, they still need much more room to "breathe", than you would initialy think!
monitors + a pair of subs is the way to go, imho. no problem w/integration, if ya can x-over at, say 80hz, or below - no problem w/a good monitor, & if ya use a good x-over - i like my marchand deluxe xm9. bass is easier to integrate into the room w/separate subs, & the monitor can be positioned for best imaging. why do ya tink so many hi-end speakers have separate bas m,odules included in their design? doug
Tml2, The size of my room is 10x12 w/ hardwood floors covered w/ an 8x5 area rug. The celing is 8 ft and the walls are lath and plaster. Also, the speakers are set up on the long side of the room. Definitely not my dream room.
jla, w/a room that small, i think you will get satisfactory bass w/decent monitors mebbe even w/o a sub. something like proac response 1sc... still want deeper bass, try vmps' smaller subs. doug
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I too would go with monitor's. Their benefit is imaging. It will be very difficult to get really good bass in that room anyway. Some nice ones I have heard are the AP steps, Tempo III, the dynaudio contour 1.3 SE, and the meadowlark herron. Try to get something that you can move around easily, and that has low power requirements. That way you would have the option of powering them with an inexpensive tube amp if you wanted. That's what I would do.