Full range/no sub home theater

Are there many people out there that run a home theater system with ALL full range speakers? In other words, no subwoofer. It seems to me, and from my experience, that running such a system would be the way to go. I'm in the planning stages of building a system and I was going to run seperate subs until I heard a system that had no seperate subs at all. every speaker in the room (7.1) was full range with full sub-sonic capability. Obviously, the sound was something that I will NEVER forget. Not wall or window shaking bass but the kind of bass that is so low and so tight it actually hits you and hits you hard. Each speaker had it's own built-in powered sub, of course, but I didn't get a chance to ask the guy how they were wired. The speakers in question were the Klipsch RP-5's I have several questions.
1.Is it possible to wire the speakers full range without using the LFE input and still utilize the built in sub amp?

2. Is the LFE signal from the pre/pro a dedicated signal from the recording or is the signal merely "re-routed" from the main "small" speakers?

3. If the LFE signal is used, does the pre/pro need to be set up to use "small" speakers? Can "large" speakers be specified when running LFE signals?

4. Would there be any benifit to running the speakers as "large" AND using the LFE input?

5. How many times can an LFE signal be split?

6. Is the LFE signal the only thing that will power the built in amp or can the amp be powered if the speakers are wired direct without LFE?
Any help would greatly be appreciated.
I have a system where all speakers are full range, large floorstanding speakers. For surround music (what very little I listen to) this is adequate.

For movies, the sub is still necessary. I have tried running the speakers full range and no sub, and the bass slam is just not as much fun .I have alos set it up to just let the sub do the .1 stuff(it is not derived from the other speakers, it is actually on the source (DVD) as a separate output)and also have rolled off the fronts to the sub. Not a lot of difference in my case because the subs are made by the same company who makes all the rest and because I have them integrated pretty well.

On the other hand, when I roll the other speakers into the subs and crank the subs up (greater than the other speakers) it can add enjoyment to things like explosions,etc.

IMO, a lot would depend on the actual speakers used for the mains and the subs.
In my experience, you get better sound with full range speakers and a sub rather than samller speakers and a sub....but at a huge cost difference.

You can split the LFE a lot of times so long as you can adjust the gain on the subs (whihch virtually all processors allow you to do
I agree with Audioguy123. I have full range fronts and rears but just a normal center. My fronts (Thiel CS6's) will go into the mid-20's and stay really tight. My sub goes about to the same hz but is no where as tight. On music, I don't use the sub even though the output is driven in "Music" mode. But, on movies, it adds a lot to the experience. LFE is its own animal and definitely has its place in movies. Before you make up your mind though, try mating a really good, fast sub (I was really impressed with the Aerial and others have said good things about Velodyne and the REL) with speakers that are comfortable going into the 40hz region. I think it is a cheaper route (maybe not as good as speakers that go down into the 20hz realm). Either way you are going to want a good subwoofer if you do HT.
Boy, a lot of "ditto's" going on here tonight. This one is no different.

I too run full ranges all the way around. My mains are rated to do down into the mid 20's with a Q of appr .5 or so. That is TIGHT bass. My surrounds will do the same down to 30 Hz or so with the center making it down to about 40 Hz or so. Keep in mind that all of the speakers in this system are sealed acoustic suspension designs. This means no ports, passive radiators, slot loading, etc.. to help fill out the bottom end. Without those, you strictly have to rely on surface area and excursion to do the job.

Until a recent change in my electronics, i was never getting as much bottom end out of the mains that i thought i should. As such, the subs definetly helped out. As i have not run the entire system in its' new configuration as of yet, i'm wondering if i'll still need the subs. I'll find out soon enough. Right now, i'm simply overjoyed with its' two channel performance and am almost afraid to tinker with it anymore.

I would also agree that this would be VERY speaker and room dependent. While some speakers are rated to go low, the QUALITY of bass is just not there. This is especially true at high volume levels. Keeping the mains "clean" while using the subs strictly for "sub-atomic shaking" might be worth the trouble and space. Like anything else, the best way to find out is first-hand. Try it and see. Sean
Thanks for the responses. I understand that you all run full range speakers all the way around but the qustion I have is do you run them in full range mode from the processor. In other words, sisnce your using seperate subs, did you specify "small" when setting up your pre/pro? I've heard that it's a sin to specify "large" during setup AND use a seperate subwoofer. Unless, of course, your full range speakers only go down to say 45 or 50 HZ. I'm thinking about using 4 full range speakers with full sub 20hz capability and built in 500 watt amps (each).Isn't 4, 12" subwoofers powered by 2000 watts better than a single 2000 watt powered sub?