Full range floor standing speaker???? 4K or so

I am looking for a really nice full range speaker for 4K or so used. I am looking for a really wide soundstage, with a speaker that is not too picky on placement....>I cannot pull these more than 12 or so inches from the rear wall. However distance to the side walls is not an issue. I really want to fill the room with lively sound.

Room is moderate sized 350 sq feet with an attached kitchen not included in this estimate.

I have a significant amount of power, symphonic line Kraft intigrated (which looks and sounds AWSOME), so power should not be a restriction.

I listen to mostly lively jazz and classical.

Ok help me out folks and have fun.

Merlin VSM-MM (with battery BAM and "Z" footers, if possible). The newer -MX is better, but will be out of the price range you specified.

Based on your room size, placement criteria and music preference, you
might be a perfect candidate for monitors. I think you may have some
real issues with floorstanders only 12" from the rear wall, whereas
many monitors can benefit with this placement since their bass response
is reinforced.

Try the Hyperion HPS-938. Bargain with the dealer and they might just sell a pair for $4k. The 938 is front ported so proximity to the rear wall is not so critical. My listen area is not much bigger than yours and they sound just GREAT.

The Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature System (one piece, front ported version) sounds like it should be a good fit for your needs (as it excels with your favorite music catagories)... The Linbrook System tends to run about 3-3.5K used.

Joseph Audio Rm25si MkII

Unbelievably good

If you have this much to spend and enough amp power, you owe it to yourself to audition.
I'd like to second the Tyler Acoustics suggestion, as well as the Merlin. The front ported nature of SOME of the Tylers make them an excellent choice if you are constrained - although I still would recommend getting as far away from that rear wall as you can. The Merlins with BAM would give roughly the same frequesncy range as the Tylers. If you're willing to go used, you can probably find either in your price range, provided you're patient.
Where you gonna get M.--mm's for 4k?--The single m, yes. Then we have the not going down to 30 or below,issue.--To me full range means getting down below 30. Of course flabby 20's ain't to good either.
I think Tvad hit it straight on. There are few full range floor standing speakers that will sound very good so close to the wall. All the rest of you guys should have recommended that he resolve that issue first, or all the speaker recommendations in the world are useless.

Check out the Carolina Audio 6XL/2.


They are very flexible regarding room placement.
The Spendor S-8 is surprisingly full range (quite amazing for a 2-way) and worth looking into. This speaker goes quite low, is capable of filling a large space, and throws a big image even in a small room. In other words, it is quite versatile. My only quibble is that it has a slightly "plastic" sounding coloration.

I don't have extensive experience with the DeVore Super 8, but what I heard at CES (actually, at the nearby T.H.E. SHOW) was quite promising. This is a VERY musical, easy to listen to speaker, that, unlike so many modern designs, does not sound lifeless and constipated. It was hard to tell how good it sounds coupled with "normal" electronics because it was hooked up to some quite pricey Shindo electronics.

I recently heard the latest ProAc speakers and they too, sound reasonably good. I believe one of the models I heard was in the $4,000 range, the other was $2,500.

Some of the Nola (formerly Alon) speakers might fit the bill. The use of open-back dipole radiation for the midrange/tweeter gives it a big, open image.
Naim Allae is in your price range new and is meant to be used against a wall.