full range driver selection for DIY home system


could you please help in selecting speaker drivers for home sound system (thinking of a stereo as of now) to be used with LCD tv for movies and playing mp3 songs from laptop/mobile?
After going through the forums I am thinking to go for a pair full range speaker drivers (thinking- simple to build, no crossover, less drivers so cost effective and so for same money may look for better quality ones, supposed to be sounding better than speakers with crossover).
Initially thought to go for Fostex Fe126en, as it has high efficiency 93db so small low power amplifier would be sufficient, and box designs available from the company itself and some other sites like frugal-horns, and it comes at about $58 per driver. But after reading more on the forums got confused, as some say its having nasty spikes on mid-high frequencies and not pleasant to hear.
Please help me in selecting a good speaker driver :
- how about Fe126en - $58 - 15w - 93db sensitivity
- how about mark audio alpair 7 - $85 - 20w - 85db sensitivity, but spec wise its looking similar to mark audio's CHR-70A 4inch -20w - 85db sensitivity or CHN70 4inch - 18w - 86db sensitivity but only costs $30 to $36. What is the difference with them with similar specs and big price difference
- how about fostex 6 inch Fe166en - $85 - 22w RMS- 94db sensitivity but seeing mixed responses on the forums
- how about dayton rs100 30w rms - 84db sensitivity and costs under $30.
- any other good drivers in this price range

1. Looking at few branded speaker home theater sets (like JBL) the frequency response was given about 40-20KHz (not sure how much minus (-)Db ). Can we get a similar frequency range from a single full range drivers in recommended enclosures or do we need to go for (FAST) getting good smaller full ranger (3inch or so) to cover mid bass, mids and highs and get a single sub-woofer for lower bass (using bi amp , no passive crossover)?

2. can the full range speakers be used directly with a amp or do we need to add any passive circuits for correcting its frequency response?

3. regarding music, i will be listening the mp3 songs only. Will they good with full rangers , as i have heard full ranges are very reveling and may not sound good if the source is not very good?

thanks and regards
S Sarath

I think this might not be the best forum for those questions. Audiogon is not DIY-focused, althought there is some discussion. But then it is usually about higher end stuff.

FWIW, if your source from a computer you could use a software to set up digital crossovers and feed the signal to a multichannel DAC, and from there feed an amp per driver. So if you had a pair of stereo speakers with two drivers each, you would need a 4-channel DAC and 4 amps (or 2 stereo amps). Look into miniDSP website as well, as they have this kind of solution.

My guess is one low-cost driver attempting to reproduce the full bandwidth is not going to sound very nice. It will reproduce sound, but I seriously doubt it will be great.
i built 2 sets recently, both using audio nirvana full range drivers. they have many types and sizes and the sound is simply stunning. they sell very simple speaker plans and they are free if you buy from them. they can even hook you up with a cabinet builder. the owner is really helpful and honest. i am listining to 12in in 1.6 liter ported box with a 3.5 wpc set amp. they sell fostex too but they are not as good. google it. audio nirvana
btw, you will get at least 95 db sensitivity with any of their designs. people do not realize a 12 inch cone with whizzer goes beyond 15khz. complex speakers is a gimmick to sell more drivers and crossovers. when you hear a good pair of single drivers you will amazed. many companies are making these now and the reviews are good.
Of what you posted I would go with the Fostex fe166en in a Nagaoka cabinet design fostex incs plan with driver. One big reason you hear +- about these drivers is the many variables involved with DIY. A smaller fullrange will sound weak forced and fatiguing the fe166en is of good enough size to make a proper loudspeaker. I know I have built quite a few.I would pass on Audio Nirvana. I could give you many reasons for saying that but in forum and as a manufacturer I don't feel like elaborating.