Full range box floorstanding recommend $3-5K range

after 3 years w/stats (ML, SL-3) I am ready for something a little fuller (more bass) and dynamic but yet detailed & great soundstage. i am looking to spend 3-5K new or used. i am looking for some ideas (meadowlark, coincident, joseph, talon, legacy, thiel, i'm sure there are some other great ideas out there, etc.) to start with. i am running a Pass X250 amp, pass x2 pre & Cary 303 CDP, all Cardas Golden Cross interconnects, Cardas Neutral Ref spr cables.
Dynaudio 3.3 is the champ.
Take a look at the Vandersteen 3A Signatures. They'll throw a soundstage which extends beyond the spks(and room with your excellent front end). You'll be hard pressed to find something more neutral.
In that range there are a lot of good choices for you to consider, and I'm sure you'll get a lot of responses. If you have the room for them, I'd suggest Dunlavy SC-IVAs; I think they'd work well with your amplification and they are excellent, full range speakers. Another possibility you didn't mention above is Alon V speakers, a very open-sounding speaker with the qualities you're looking for, or the Alon Lotus speakers. It is not easy going from stats to dynamic speakers; you might also want to audition the Innersound hybrids, as they sound a lot better to my ears than the MLs, they may give you what you're craving.
Legacy Focus or Focus 20/20 loudspeakers would certainly provide you with a fuller sound, yet still retaining tremendous musical detail, both macro and micro-dynamics as well as virtually unlimited dynamic range. Your current equipment should work well with these speakers.

Happy hunting.
In addition to the suggestions above, you might want to take a look at ProAc Response 2.5's (new) or 3.8's (used).
PMC speakers could be a good match to Pass Lab. Yours is budget for FB1 or AB2
Disclaimer: I am a Talon Audio dealer.

Can't go wrong with the Talon Raven. Biggest bang for the buck speaker available on the market today, IMHO. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
Disclaimer: I'm not very smart!
I hope that's a joke! If you want a speaker that really outperforms it's cost check out a pair of Sony SS M9. They are an American designed and made speaker. I know most people are not interested when they see the name brand, but if sound is more important than the name this speaker will pleasantly surprise you.
I have a pair of these speakers with equipment similar to yours and they were a surprise! They sounded much better than I thought they would.
There is a guy, in the south, I think that has a pair in Piano finish which looks great. Or I'll sell you mine for a lot more than I paid for them.
I haven't seen any speakers on the recommended list yet that I don't think are good, but I don't see one that sounds this good for such a low price.
Nrchy...Huh? You hope what is a joke?

Mike--The joke is Nrchy's disclaimer in the first line of his post, of course.
Once you've lived with planars, it's very hard to go back to boxes.

Among the few non-planar speakers that I find satisfyingly un-boxy is the Gradient Revolution, which really doesn't use a box. The woofers are dipoles, and the concentric mid/tweet module is mounted in a generouly free-flowing pressure-relief enclosure. So far my Revolution customers have included at least one former Martin Logan and Quad owner.

In a more conventional approach, Talon makes some very fine loudspeakers (which I don't sell).

The InnerSounds are also very dynamic and lively, though their sweet spot is pretty much limited to one person under normal conditions.

Best of luck in your quest!

You might look into Green Mountain Audio. No website
yet, but soon.
From the small Europa's to the Continuum 3's, they are
time & phase correct and have marble mid & treble
enclosures for no diffraction... (They are isolated from
the woofer cabinet). They remind me of my past
Maggies, Sound Labs ( both superb) & other planars I have owned and range from about $900-$8k.
Vmps rm40 speakers might be worth checking out. I've never had the opportunity to listen to them but have read that they are excellent. You can check them out at www.vmpsaudio.com. If I had the money I'd try them out myself. Hope you find something you like!
I am a former planar bigot and I have friend that was more of a planar fanatic than I was, in fact he owned both the ML Monoliths as well as the Prodigy's. We have both discovered that what most planar lovers admire about the design is the design is the seamless, coherent, tall sounstage that most box speakers lack. We have both discovered and converted to Vienna Acoustics speakers, in my case the Beethovens and for my friend the Mahlers. For me the problem with many dynamic speakers is that I always feel like I am looking down or into a miniturized soundstage, if you have read any of the reviews of the VA stuff you will notice that many reviewers comment on the huge holographic sounstage these speakers project, IMO the tall wide and deep stage of these speakers in many ways matches or exceeds that of the best planars.
Every time I go to a live orchestra concert, I look DOWN at the stage from the main floor--even more so if I get a balcony seat (where some of the best sound can be had at one the venues I attend). If one sits at row Q or farther back on the main floor, the stage width fits between ones out-stretched arms with the hands about 2.5 feet apart.

Realistic proportions matter more than height and width by themselves. Taller is not necessarily more realistic.
As an Audio Consultant, I would have to lean toward the VMPS. With your backround and AMP, the VMPS would be a natural progression "upward".

At $4600 the RM40 is a tough speaker to match. I cant think of anything it doesn't do well in musical reproduction.

I am a dealer for many brands KEF, PMC, SLS, Wraith, Krell, etc., but I have these in "my" system.


I moved to Dunlavy SC IV-A from SL3's several months ago and I have been very satisfied. The SCIV-A's, IMHO are at par with the Prodigy's albeit at lower prices. The only problem is that the DAL is no longer in business but if you find a good deal, it is worth a try. Let me warn you though--the SCIV-A's are tall and heavy.