Fujitsu Plasma Screens Any thoughts?

I was wondering if anyone has the new Fujitsu plasma(monitor screen only) in their system. Any thoughts on the performance. I am thinking of getting the p42xha58eb model in particular. Thanks
I entered your model number in the search engine and there were some hits. Although I did not go any further, there is at least something there for you.
Ive never seen a Fujitsu I didnt like !
I love my 3 y.o. Fujitsu 42" plasma.
Fujitsu plasmas are generally considered one of the best if not the best, usually followed by Pioneer Elite plasmas. I have a 55 inch Fujitsu Plasma and a 42 inch Pioneer Elite. Clearly the Fujitsu has not only great resolution but very natural and realistic color and picture.

Recently my 2 year old Fujitsu (list price $10,000)developed a thin red line in the screen. A local service center told me that the 3 yr warranty only applies to parts and labor but not the glass screen. I called Fujitsu and they agreed to replace the entire glass screen under warranty (cost $6000) even though the screen was only warrantied for one year (current models screens are warranteed for 3 yrs). They even covered free pick up and delivery from and to my home. I am impressed with how Fijitsu stands behind their products. I also contacted many other service centers with experience servicing Fujitus and they all report that my problem with the screen is extremely rare and Fujitus are very reliable.
I too recommend to dig around the avsforum.

Slightly off-topic aside - As a company, Pioneer is betting its whole life on plasma and the results show in the new "Kuro" monitor. It is fantastic (though a fair bit more expensive than anything else out there now - and it will not save the company from getting run over by the LCD panel freight train).
Try not to buy until you get a chance to see the latest commercial units from NEC.
I sell Fujitsu Plasmas. What makes them special is their combination of the best black level and excellent scaling. They tend to make even the best mass market plasmas (Pioneer) look more "digitized" by comparison. The downside is that they are more expensive than just about anything else.

If you want the best, check out Fujitsu's new Aviamo series of 1080p plasmas.

BTW, T-Bone is right. LCD seems to be gaining in popularity every day despite some serious problems with black level and motion artifacts due to slow refresh. They have gotten better recently, but they have a long way to go.
Hey Dave- Do you have any thoughts on getting to a "hidden" service menu on my 3 y.o. 42" Fujitsu. My calibration tech says that I have both white and black crush issues. He was able to get a really good calibration only if he used a $1500 Lumigen scaler/processor and I was not interested in spending that much extra dough. I'm in CT.
Sorry swampwalker, I don't know how to access a hidden menu.

I was able to access the hidden menu on a thread specific to my NEC plasma over at

Try entering your unit in their search engine. Good luck.

Oh, be very careful when entering a hidden menu; you migh make changes you can't get back.
As a dealer for both the Fujitsu and Pioneer Elite. Both are excellent. However, if I were to choose between the two at this point, the Pioneer Elite would get my nod.