Frustrated with WBT upgrade : need advice

I just replaced WBT Midline binding posts($40/pair) on my speakers with WBT Signature ones ($124/pair) and also WBT Midline female rcas on my Pass X 250,5 with WBT Nextgens and the sound went from very good to bad.The soundstage narrowed and the sound became bass heavy and zippy,almost harsh.Binding posts were crimped on the same sleeves i had with Midlines and Nextgens were soldered with WBT silver solder.I would like to gather the opinions of those who had experience with WBT Signature posts and Nextgens.Is it just a normal break in process and how long will it take to be completed?Or maybe it is that Signature posts have a very distinct sound and i have a mismatch on my hands?When i upgraded the stock Edison Price posts on my speakers with WBT Midline,the sound was amazingly good right away.Please,share your opinions on above mentioned connectors,i will really appreciate that.Thank You.
How long ago did you perform this mod?It can take a week of listening before things settle.Things will become dull,then bright and finally settle.Hope it turns out for the best.
Are you using regular male RCA's with the female nextgens? Unless WBT says this is OK that might be part or all of the problem.
I performed the upgrade 5 days ago.I am using WBT terminated Straight wire Crescendos as ics and Kimber Bifocal XL on the speaker end.