Front Row Text Size?

Mac wiz needed. Just upgrade to Leopard. The new Front Row text is smaller and very hard to see from across the room. Is there a way to adjust the text size? I've already played with the display sizes with no luck, is does not affect Front Row.
I have search the Mac forums and found nothing regarding this issue.
I do not have Leopard yet.

If no one answers your question this weekend, you can call Mac. Tech support is free because you bought the software. They will walk you through it.
I went down to the Local Mac Store at lunch today. Man the place was crowded, even 12 noon on tuesday. Anyway I have to made reservation to see a so called "Mac Genius". I talked to one of the sales people and told him my issue and said he'd never heard of anyone have that problem. We will see. Last week I erased Leopard and reinstalled Tiger. I really wanted the auto back-up feature for the server. I installed leopard on our other Mac's and it's great. My Family loves it. For my server only, it was a downgrade.
I posted this question on the Apple Leopard forums. A geek informed me there is no way to change font size within Front Row as of now. He supplied a link to complete and submit a Leopard electronic "comment card" to suggest Apple implement a change so that users can adjust the font size. I submitted the card, but I'm not holding my breath.

Despite the smaller font size, I like the new Front Row interface--much nicer than before. Plus, at least I've read on another crazed audio site, the USB software (drivers?) packaged with Leopard is better (more sophisticated, more robust) in comparison to the old drivers, hence a little better sound quality if you're using the USB outputs.
Thanks Sammie!

I like the new format of Front Row. I just can't see it clearly from my chair. It can look good all day but if I can't see it what good is it. I'll bet it looks very good with a 55" wide screen TV. We are a Mac Family and we all love Leopard, well worth the price. If I wait long enough a Mac Geek will find a way to tweak it.

Thanks again