Front Projector Choice...

I was thinking about 60" plasma or 70"DLP/LCD rear projection, but decided to go with front projector this time...

The two I'm considering is Infocus Screenplay 7200 and BenQ 8700(+)... I guess these are pretty much almost top of the line from Infocus and BenQ. I think I can grab these at around $3500-4000 these days.

What are the competitors to these? other althernatives?
What brands are considered one step up?

Any general comments on front projectors?
Both are excellent The Benq is a short throw projector and it is a louder 30+dB so Ceiling mounting will be required, I think it supports PIP. The 8700+ is similar to the 7205 I believe as the 7200 has the HD2 chip instead of the newer HD2+ but in all honesty they both are amazing. I went with the Optoma H76 (or now the H77) which is 25db quiet and offers vertical lens tilt and is a longer throw pj, so I could shoot it from behind my couch on a stand.

The new LCD's are pretty amazing but not sealed (so dust blobs can be a problem) Panasonic 700 model that was just released is the LCD equivelent and can be had for $2199 new (retails for $2999).

My screen captures of screen don't do it justice at all.. I can't seam to figure out how to take a picture of my screen and have it turn out like it does. for all the facts. to really ask that question and get answers.

A 100" DLP projection kicks any 60-70" screen.. make sure you get a good source and run it DVI to get the best!
I have a marantz VP-12s2 which is a bit out of your price range....but I've seen some great deals on the s1 and s2 since the s3 came out. It's an excellent projector.

Consider your room size, planned screen width(diagonal) and seating distance from the screen. Generally I believe the minimum seating distance from your screen is about 1.5x the diagonal screen width. Most people seem to think 1.7 is better, and even further back is good, too. If your distance is too close you may not enjoy it just like sitting roo close to a regular tv. Also get one of the DVI DVD players that can upscale the picture. Also consider the cost of a screen - if you like DIY you can order screen material and make your own frame and save$$$. I went front projector over big screen tv and have never looked back. Just wish I'd gotten into it sooner.
I'm in Cytocycle's camp on this one. Eandylee, I was where you are about a month ago. I was sold on the 7200, until
I heard how much quieter the BenQ 8700+ was. The picture
was as good but less bright. I actually preferred the Benq's picture. I was sold on the BenQ 8700+ until I had a chance to view the Optoma H77. The H77 will cost abit more
(contact Ralph at Pollision) but my thinking was not too
buy down and always be thinking about the H77. It's very
quiet, V&H lens shift, and has remote control focus and
zoom and a stunning picture. With the H77, I never think
about BenQ or Infocus. And should be happy for a long time.
Good luck, deciding on a projector is a process. Think long