Front-Ported Monitors

What would you recommend:

- front-ported monitors which will produce deep bass (low 30s)
- that will accept a bi-amp configuration (200W/channel solid state power amp)
- which can be placed about 1.0-1.5 feet from the back wall in a slight toe-in setup
- in a 12' x 14' room
"front-ported monitors which will produce deep bass (low 30s)"


you're a lot better off finding the monitors that sound good to you from 60hz and up, and then putting a sub in the place where you get the flattest response

Also, why is it a requirement that they must be bi-amped? In the vast majority of cases, this is not necessary, and adds more complexity and a higher priced power bill
Proac D2
I stand corrected ( :
Paradigm Studio 40, *very* nice speakers. These are sold, but included here so you can see what they look like...'s-v.3-cherr

Gurus Q-!0's...very interesting design, bass down to 30's and up from there perfect cohesive clarity!
Although not front ported, Audio Note speakers are rear ported and are designed to produce deep bass when placed near the rear wall.
Heard the Gurus at RMAF 2007, one of the better sounds at the show.
Joseph Audio RM7
Tyler Acoustics Taylo Ref monitor
Proac D2