Front L/R Stand-mount recommendations

I'm very interested in beginning to upgrade my system and could use some advise. My listening habits are 75% movies/TV - 25% music and I prefer an upfront and warm sound. I currently have a Marantz 6003 receiver paired with a 5.1 Polk RM Series II sound system. One of the front L/R front speakers has stopped working and so I'm looking to replace it. The system is in a carpeted 20'x12'x8' family room that has a 10 ft opening to the kitchen along one of the 20' walls. My current budget to replace the L/R fronts is ~$450 and am open to both new and used gear (audiogon has quite an assortment!) Soon I'd like to upgrade the center channel to match the front speakers and ultimately the entire system. So far what I've seen that has peaked my interest are the B&W 685, Energy RC-10, RBH Classic Two, and Monitor Audio GR10. I would greatly appreciate any advise y'all can offer based on what can be had in my price range. Thanks in advance a I look forward to some great conversation that can help the many who are in similar searches!