Front and surround

Ok, I have a pair of Klipsch RF82 and a pair of Dahlquist DQ 32, Klipsch RC82 and a Martin Logan Abyss subwoofer. Please help, give me ideas which pair is best for the front and surround. Oh and I'm using a Onkyo TX-SR805. Thankx

I say the RF-82/RC-62(I think that is what you meant)is a great HT setup, get the RS-52 surrounds and you will be set. If you like the Dahlqist's better, get the matching center and surrounds. Don't mix and match brands. I am a huge Klipsch fan and think for HT they are hard to beat at their price points. The RS-42's or RS-62's will also work for surrounds.

The Onkyo TX-SR805 is a beast of a HT receiver. The internal amps and power supply in that receiver are a very rare find for such a reasonably priced AVR.


You're right Bill it's a RC-62. The RF-82 is better match for the front but I like the look of the Dahlquist DQ 32 more. I'll give it a try. Thankx for your opinion.