From Wadia to ???

Recently owned a Wadia 381. However, i sold it to buy a usb dac.
As usual with Wadia, algorithm A is Wadias own and also what i preferred.
To you who are much better at me, what brand/ model is closest to Wadia sound ideal, without the cost of a Wadia?

Might add that i look for a dac with pre-amp feature (XLR).

I can't be more happy after moving from a Wadia 861se to a Mytek 192-DSD a few year back and then to a Mytek Brooklyn (which is a much better DAC compare to the 192-dsd). Please note that all my PCM music gets convert on the fly to output at 2xDSD.

Cheers. gigi

You might consider the Exogal Comet, Exogal was started by Wadia's former engineers and the Comet has gotten some rave reviews. I've not heard it, or Wadia for that matter, but suspect the house sound might be similar.
Mytek, are they close to Wadia in sound? I read somewhere it was rather forward?
Exogal seems interesting!
Anyone of you listened to Audio Alchemy DDP1?
I have the Exogal Comet with power supply and have been happy with it. I have not compared any of the others with it though. I can control the volume from my iPhone which is very convenient. The price seems to have dropped on it also.

I heard the Audio Alchemy setup at AXPONA and i would say the sound was the best i have heard for a reasonable amount of money. If I was in the market i would buy the entire lot of Audio Alchemy products along with the Endeavor E-3 speakers they were paired with at that show.

I am set when i comes to all but front end ( I use Barefoot sound MM27 and Sound anchors).
I just let go of the expensive hifi market stuff. All i need is a dac/pre.
However, i have been wondering of Nad M12, AA DDP1 and now Exogal Comet Plus. AA seems to have a analog pre which can be a benefit.
A dealer told me AA is better than Nad (mostly due to the designer behind AA i guess). I really would like to hook it up at home.


I have always wanted to demo Wadia spinners, where should I start my journey?

What about the Wadia 121?  Relatively inexpensive, and still has the character of sound Wadia is known for. 
jafant, i can’t really say more than what i would do.
Personally i would look at Wadia di322 or 320.
Could i afford i would go for di322 over any other machine.
I have not heard any of them, but i liked 381.
So my curiousity is very high talking di322.
If you use active speakers you don’t miss a pre-amp using Wadia.
Primary like the body of Wadia (Algorithm A) and the sound field is more intact and centered, than speaker A and B. You have a very strong body in the low midrange and a firm bass with punch. I would say Wadia has a sound that is leaving little lacking (if anything). My unit was bought by a guy obsessed with ARC. Actually he was so obsessed with ARC first time he was here, i had to tell him he better go home and buy ARC. Somehow he got around and came back. As far as i know, he was pleased landing the 381.
IMO, many people focus too much on tech and dacs used. I would say the analog section in conjunction with the tech is where the magic happens,.. or simply don’t.
Some machines simply leave me unimpressed with the music.
The best these days, is going with a true active speaker and a minimalistic front end.
Optimize this, position and acoustics and i think you place your money at the best horses.

Many Thanks! rird-
there are so many different models to choose....
Your Wadai that you like the sound of has Multibit conversion. With the 4 x PCM1704 dac chips.

WADIA 381i 4 x PCM1704-K + 2 x DSP56004FJ50 StreamUnlimited

I suggest you look for a dac that uses the same or similar Multibit conversion technology.

Here is a list go through it and find something that uses PCM1704 dacs then go on line and see if it does usb. Mostly only hiend dacs only use the PCM1704 today

Here are 4 from the A's


4 x PCM1704-K

It's a DAC


4 x PCM1704-K + XMOS USB

It's a DAC


TDA1541-R1 / AD1865N-K / 2 x PCM1704

It's a DAC


TDA1541-R1 / AD1865N-K / 2 x PCM1704

It's a DAC

Cheers George

Anyone using a 581 or 581se ?