From Virtual Dynamics to ?

Hmmmm... how do I phrase my question?

I thought of upgrading power cord to my amp, Shunyata Copperhead. After some research, I come to Virtual Dynamics power cord Nite II or David, which I could pick up from A'gon.

The real problem is VD is so stiff and there is no way I could hook it up to my amp without severe bending. So, my question is what cords share similar sound with VD. I mean, clean and big sound. Or perhaps, what have ex VD owners replaced it/them with?

I also know that The founder of VD has started a new company, High Fidelity Cables, which naturally would sound better in a same mould. Unfortunately, the asking price is beyond my range.

Appreciate your feedback.
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"I thought of upgrading power cord to my amp, Shunyata Copperhead. After some research, I come to Virtual Dynamics power cord Nite II or David, which I could pick up from A'gon."

If your research didn't include listening to the power cord in your system, then no research was done.
I'll give a few good ones for the money.
LessLoss Original
WyWires Juice II
Amadi Phil Reference

All 3 would be nice upgrades. You should be able to secure one of these on Agon for less than $375. I still have 3 WyWires Juice II in my system, one of them replaced the LessLoss--just as good. I picked up the Juice II's used at a real good price. Amadi cables are very good for the money. The Phil Reference you could buy new and pay much less for. I have Amadi Maddie Signature ICs and SCs in a very nice sounding system.
The Virtual Dynamics power cords can still hold their own. I have several in my system including the David, David II and a Power One. I recently borrowed some WyWires Juice II and Juice II-HC power cords since they had received some favorable press. I quickly concluded the WyWires were not my cup of tea at all. I preferred any of the VD cords to the WyWires. But that only goes to show that you need to try power cords in your own system and reach your own conclusion. I have no doubt that in another system the WyWires might do just fine.
I own Wywire Silver I but I don't like it due to restricted bandwidth. It sounded fuller compared with Nordost Vishnu, Vishnu is on its own league on detail.

It may seem that only a handful of companies specialized in power cord. Shunyata, Elrod, NBS, Stealth, Stage III and Voodoo are the forerunner in power cord. VD was a delight. Many recommended VD Master the least before looking at more expensive cousins.
Have you tried any of the new cables from Ultra Fi? Here's the website:

I'm thinking of giving them a go...
Rick, of Virtual D, moved on to produce Hi Fidelity cables, which do not share the snake like thickness of the VD products. Sadly, they do share the uber-prices of VD's upper end models. I agree that the VD cables are still very competitive, I still have a few Davids which see regular use, so you might try those severe bends to see how you get on. I used to start at the plug end and work out a shape that would get the connection sort of straight on by the time it met the wall or component. And don't be afraid to use books or strings to help hold it all up, LOL.
Ultrafi cables are out of my range.

I hope to pick up VD Master cord, which I understood is rare.
Its risky buying power cords without trying them first. Why not use Cable Company? They'll send you a box full of PC's to demo. Not only that, they're the best resource for info. If you tell them what component the PC is for, they have a database that can show you every power cord they ever lent out to customers with the same component. Also, they keep track customers comments for every cable they lend out, and what cable the customer actually purchased.
FWIW, Ultra Fi does a trial period of their own....