From tubes back to SS?

As a SS guy thinking of getting into tubes, it made me wonder. Are there any audiophiles out there that went from tubes back to SS? I hear a lot about people going to tubes and never going back---but do some people say, nah...back to solid state. Just curious. 
From my experience, all of the 6SN7 tubes I've tried had hiss.
They do, but you probably just had bad luck. We use 6SN7s in everything we make and no worries playing them on high sensitivity loudspeakers. My speakers at home are 97.5dB 1 watt/1 meter, and no hiss.

@prof I had the same experience when I tried to use an SUT instead of going direct-in on my phono setup. The SUT was certainly quiet, but I found myself not playing the stereo anymore. When I got the SUT out of the system, right away my interest came back.
I have tried countless 6SN7's, NOS, new, chinese, boutique, russian etc. no hiss at all (the 6H8C Melz are the exception, it is a noisy tube but that is the exception to the rule)
I tried a couple of times, but always found solid-state insufficient to my tastes.  Classical music has to be tubes, some people say jazz too but I don't listen to jazz.  Rock can be anything, it doesn't matter so much.
@mrearl I finally got a tube preamp and so far I'm loving the sound with the SS amp. There definitely was a difference once I switched out my integrated. I finally get the whole 'tube' thing. 
Ralpjh, I think you are transformer phobic:)