From Thiel CS6 to Wilson Sophia 2 or 3

Has anyone replaced a pair of Thiel cs6's with the current Wilson Sophia's and if so what were your impressions. I have the Thiels now and after listening to the Sophia 3, I feel they sound more natural, but am concerned that they are not as big or expansive as the Thiel. This may be the room or equipment. I am running the Thiels with a Classe 301, Joule Pre, and a audio research cd3 mark 2. I heard the Wilson's on Ayre and boulder. Thanks for any response.

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I've owned time and phase-coherent speakers, as well as speakers that use higher order crossovers. While I believe there is truth to both sides of these arguments, I am sensitive to phase shift and have found that first-order crossover speakers constructed with attention to minimizing phase shift - for example, Dunlavy and Audio Machina - are more engaging and natural to my ears, particularly with respect to transients. The Wilsons do some things very well, but I would try to spend as much time as possible time - at least 100 hours - with the Wilsons and then go back and spend a few dozen hours with the Thiels before you make a decision (it takes a lot of time to properly evaluate speakers).