From the OP who posted - "..speaker cables too bright..."


I am lost in the agonies of audio system optimization. I don't stream at home - I live in a rural area in which I cannot stream. I do stream at the hospital and medical school.

Now I am trying Synergistic Research Euphoria and Excite power cables. In combination with some Nordost AC cords (Valhalla, Frey2), the system sounds much better, and the ARCGS150 power amplifier is working like a charm (my front end is now an Esoteric K-01xs, which I love.

If I down-size to a Pass Labs INT-250 integrated, will I need as careful about AC cords? Getting old here...

Thank you in advance!
Yeah I always recommend Synergistic. Detailed, dynamic, deep and wide, yet never anything hyped hard or edgy. I have Euphoria IC, they are incredible.

Yes it doesn’t matter what it is you always need to be careful. It always puzzles me this idea people have that one thing or another is sensitive to power cords, or power cords need to be selected for particular components, all that kind of thing. Just never seen any evidence for it myself. You find a good power cord, it will sound the same and make the same improvement no matter what you plug it into. If not then guess what? Its not a good power cord. SR are all good. So try it, you will see.
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