From Rossini Apex to ????

Hi Folks.  I just recently upgraded my Holo May Kitsune Edition DAC to a Rossini Apex and am very impressed with the DCS.  It has an amazingly black background (the instruments are all that IS), great instrument separation, discerns textures and nuances beautifully, and has very detailed and controlled bass.  I do think the Holo May has a sweeter midrange. May not be more accurate, but sweeter.  I've heard of notable improvement when adding the DCS clock, but that's another $10k plus cables.  I'm thinking it might be worth trying other DACs.  Right now, top contenders might include the Mola Mola Tambaqui and the Grimm MU-2.  For those of you who know the Rossini, and perhaps understand my desire to get sweeter midrange but not lose any of the other great qualities of the Rossini Apex - what do you recommend and why?  Thanks, Peter


we have found  upgrading to a separate server will dramatically improve the musicality of a dac, vs the internal 


our 432evo servers like an Aeon or Master running an state of the art usb cable 

will give you a degree of analog warmth to your dac that will elevate your Rossinito the next level.


Dave and Troy

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432evo dealer

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I went from a May KTE to the Rossini Player/DAC with Master Clock. Yes, the midrange is warmer on the May but the Rossini is steps above the May. I run tubes so I get plenty of warmth and appreciate the transparency that the Rossini has, versus the May DAC. I can’t say that switching in the clock is revelatory but it’s certainly a nice improvement and does add a touch more solidity to images.


@rooze seems like we are on the same page about the differences. Are you using an Apex?

I seem to remember reading some people finding a Lampizator DAC to be a significant upgrade from the Holo May and may be worth trying.  Best of luck in finding what you’re looking for.

consider a Wadax.

no, not the Level 4 $300k beast i have in my room, the new at Munich........Wadax STUDIO PLAYER.

get Wadax magic around $35k retail. was the talk of the show.

I think that, ultimately, the choice is in the ears of the listener. However, the Bricasti M21 DAC is within the same price range (at $16K MSRP) as the two excellent DACs you have identified; it also is a splendid DAC.

I recently listened extensively to both the Mola Mola Tambaqui and the Grimm MU-2. To my ears, the MU-2 was not only the better of the two, it was spectacular. The only DAC I have found sonically competitive to it was the Bricasti M21 (which I recently purchased). In my case, price was a factor. I was able to get a good price for the M21, whereas the MU-2 is significantly back-ordered, making your obtaining a discounted price for one unlikely. 

The Linn Organik DAC is worth auditioning. To my ears, it sounds sweeter than did the dCS Rossini because it does truly have an organic, visceral sound that is at least as detailed as the dCS Rossini.