From Novice - Krell 350Mcx vs Kav-2250

If anyone has an opinion - is there a sonic differnce between the older but highly regarded 350Mxc Mono blocks vs the newer Kav-2250 series? thanks much for the input. - HughP
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You are talking about two completely different levels of performance. The KAV - Krell Audio Video is just that, a blending of audio performance (to a lesser degree) with video systems. This series is by no means Krells best efforts in pursuit of sonic perfection. The FPB Series is on a whole different level of performance. I have owned a multi-channel KAV (300 w/ch @ 8 ohms), KAV 500, a Krell FPB 200 and a FPB 300-C. Now it should be noted that the KAV units I owned were all multi-channeled and in my opinion no multi-channel amp can perform anywhere close to a comparably prices two channel or mono amp. This being said, the FPB Series were noticeably better than the KAV Series in every regard. If your choice boils down to one or the other and any factors outside of performance don't come into play, I would strongly suggest the FPB Series (in your stated case the 350 MCX) over the KAV unit. Though I would suspect you will be paying close to twice the money.
Thanks for the response. I may put my Kav-2250 up for sale and purchase a set of the 350MCX. Yes the difference will be double. - hugh
Yeah know, a lot of people say the FPB Series stereo amps are actually better than the mono amps. Have you listened and compared the differences between the mono and the stereo amps? Please understand, I have never personally compared the two (mono v stereo FPB Series), but a couple of people that know there stuff have said this to me, so it may be worth the audition as krell dealers are easy enough to find.
I had a FPB-400 stereo amp before I moved. after the move I changed to the mono FPB-450mcx amps because of the configuration of my new home, mono amps were the only option that would work.
Since I didn't do an A-B test, it is really hard to say for sure, but I think the mono's sound better. It would be interesting to know for sure with a true A-B test.