From Naim to Luxman...?

Hey guys!

Have You tried the SQ-150N? Currently have an Atom and a Technics 1500C with an ortofon Concorde Century. Sometimes miss the soundstage or 3D and sweet of valve sound.

How do You compared that with the Atom or Leben CS300F or XS?

Will be paired with my Klipsch Heresy III.

Can't compare, but I have previously tried the SQ-N10 on the Forte III. Auditioned the combo several times, before choosing the Tannoy Cheviot. Also used the SQ-N10 for a while on ProAC D15, before the change mentioned above.
The SQ-N150 I've only heard briefly on the Cheviots, don't think I could have separated the 10 and the 150 in a blind test, but who knows.
Anyhow; the 10s and the Forte IIIs were a great match, lucid and three dimensional, and plenty of power. I'm sure the Heresy will be a great match as well.
 With your speakers I can't imagine that the Luxman wouldn't be a splendid choice. No knock on your Naim  by any means. But I understand your desiring the grace, beauty and 3 dimensional presentation of a good tube amplifier. Luxman fits that description. 
so I pulled the trigger!
Will let You know, bought alognside the LP-151 and the Lumin D2.
Superelmar, what do you think now? Happy with your decision?I have a Naim Atom and after a long time shopping for something with more grunt and soundstage, I just put a deposit on the Luxman 590AXII. The density and richness of the music, the large sound stage and lots of Tube sweetness from a SS amp were alladdictive. Getting all the PRaT and clarity of the Naim at the same time really feels like a win-win. I get it in a month and am pretty excited. What’s your experience with the SQ150N?
I'm interested as well in your listening impressions of the Luxman SQ-N150 and Klipsch Herseys.
Check this thread out. The Luxman sq-150n wasn’t directly compared to the Naim Atom but the higher range 282/SupercapDR/250DR. The Luxman exceeded the expectations of the owner. Apart from the great sound quality, it is built like a tank, sculptured from perhaps art designers.

The owner intend to keep both Naim and Luxman though, 2 separate systems built around the amps.