From Linn Classik to Music Hall A50.2: an upgrade?

Title says all. I've been running a first-gen Linn Classik w/Ruark Epilogues for about a decade - primarily for vinyl (MMF5) w/separate phono stage plus the occasional digital via Airport Express. Came across the Music Hall A50.2 at a great price and am thinking about "upgrading" while simultaneously retiring the Ruarks to the bedroom in favor of a set of Kef Q65s I've had boxed up for years - got a big room and would like to fill it. I've got 2 questions:

1) Does the replacement of the Classik for the 50.2 represent an upgrade in terms of overall quality?

2) If not, does the Classik actually have sufficient power to drive the Kefs? I've always assumed not, which is why I've never hooked them up to it.