From Klipsch to Zu Omen Def

I have auditioned many speakers and have yet to find one that best my current Klipsch RF-7 for the type of music I listen to (Classic rock, singer songwriter, Indie Rock). I have tried Martin Logan, B&W, Von Schwikert and have liked aspects of all but not enough to make a change. I have been very intrigued by the Zu Omen Def but have not been able to hear them. I am hoping to improve the soundstage size, RF-7s are very direct and therefore not as big sounding as some speakers. I also hope to get more out of the midrange, vocals can sound a bit hollow at times.

Has anyone compared Klipsch to Zu? Specifically the Zu Omen Def?
Any one? I would audition these if I could. I think the Omen def makes the most sense but curious if anyone has compared them to the old Essence or the new Druid V. I would be using a SS amp.
Macallan7, very late on this thread, but I owned the Omen Defs for about 18 months and absolutely loved them (had a chance to step up to the Def IIIs so I had to get rid of them). I have heard the Essence at a friends house, and frankly, was not wild about them -- they lacked that dense Zu sound. I used Wyred 4 Sound mAmps with the Omen Defs and it was a terrific combination. I have heard the Kefs in an audio store, so very difficult to make comparisons, being the system and rooms are so different. However, I certainly thought the Omen Defs were a large step up in tone and density over the Kefs. The Omen Defs are very simple to set up to get very good sound, but if you take a little extra time and effort, they can sound fantastic.