From Kef's to ??


I am currently running a pair a Kef iQ3's. I would greatly appreciate any input on trying out some new speakers.

I am running the Kef's on a 25watt vintage amp...while I really like the setup, I would greatly love it if the new ones would be more smoother and musical.

Don't get me wrong, these were the best I could find locally and I really enjoyed them for the last year...just that I feel something is missing. Easy placement though so I have to give credit for that :)

Something that is not bright or will give me fatigue would be nice. I don't like over analytical speakers...they hurt LOL!!! Must be my age!!!

Through reading I was wondering how the Silverline Minuet's would be?? Others?? Gallo?? I will be using a sub so bass extension is not necessary. I would really like not to spend over $500.00 if possible.

I'm asking this because the new ones would have to be purchased without listening as there is no one close that even carries anything remotely interesting.

You're not gonna find much out there for under $500. I would recommend that you wait until you can build up enough funds so that $1,000 - $1,500 is within your capabilities. Then you could find some nice used Gallo Reference 3.1s that will really float your boat...


Small speakers with full sound are hard to come by. did a pretty extensive shoot-out last year and these results can be found on their website.

I have two out-of-college children and have built nice systems for them using NAD amps and Paradigm speakers. Try Paradigm Atoms or Studio 20s. Very good value and pleasing sound. Many reviews on the internet.

You will also want to look at BBC type monitor speakers. English speakers excel at vocals and mid-range. I would seriously look at entry level Harbeths or Epos.

SR 15's aren't bad at all. The better the upstream lineup, the better they do. $650 - 750, used.

Above that I'd agree with saving up just a bit more and being satisfied rather than leap froging my way along.