From Hydra to Hydra 6: an upgrade?

I am on the market to purchase either Original Hydra or Hydra 6 (i need 6 outlets).Have anybody tried both products?
I am wondering if i should get the older Hydra or go for Hydra 6.Which one is better soundwise?Thanks a lot for your inputs.
Save your money and get the Hydra 8.
Hi Overhang,
I've used the 6, 8 & the original.
I kept the original and sold the others.
Not a huge difference between the original
& 8. The 8 is possibly just a shade more detailed/dynamic
than the original but in my system, I prefered the, to my ears, more natural sound of the original.
In my experince the 'magic dust' whatever in the originals
and 8s, makes them sound very much better than any of the other models which don't contain the Fesi material.
Using a noise reducing Shunyata into the 6 captures some of the magic but to my mind, does not have the natural/organic feel of the Hydras using the Fesi compound.
My freind also uses Hydras in multiple set ups and hsas reached the same conclusion.
Also be careful to treat these as components regarding siting/isolation - as Shunyata point out, you cannot dump these on the floor and expect to get the best from them.
I don't use Shunyata cords, other than the Anaconda powering the Hydra anymore but every time I take the Hydra out of my system, I have to put it back.
Supposedly Elrod cords work very well with the Hydras, don't know have never tried but none of my Electraglides or Virtual Dynamics cords beat the Anaconda into the Hydra.
Hope this helps a bit.

What you said about positioning the Hydra is so true. I had mine on the floor at first and it sounded horrible.
if you get a look at the intructions papers on the HYDRA 8 it is suppose to be put over steel points for best result also the 20 AMP PAD DOMINUS FEROX REVELATION C give good result too when paired with it ...
I second Simon74, I prefer the original Hydra.
Re siting and support for Hydras, I also used steel points to support my Hydra 8, as suggested by Shunyata instructions; Goldmound cones in my case. But then I was very surprised to discover recently that the Herbie's Iso cup & ball brought much better results; similar to the improvements the Iso cup & ball made when used to support tubed components.
Also, in my system, I found that the VH Audio airsine power cable bettered a Shunyata Python when used to connect the Hydra 8 to the wall supply.
Hope this helps.
I'm with Simon74 and Jmcgrogan2 all-the-way.

Mine is the original Hydra with the white 20 amp outlets, a copper slug (replaces fuse)
an Anaconda VX twistlock, all resting on 4 Herbie's Tenderfeet on top of a 1" Maple block.