From Dynaudio 1.3 Mkii se to Totem Mani 2 or Cremona Auditor or ...

I'm looking at moving from the 1.3Mkii but the Totem Mani 2's available look pretty beat up from what's available online.  I see some Auditors (Maple) on e-bay from a dealer in Colorado but they want $2250 plus shipping for ones that are rated 6/10
I'd but them if the came down to $2k based on previous sales and condition.

I also see some on e-bay (graphite preferred) in Italy but they don't have stands!  I can't even find just the stands for sale.  Im thinking if Iused them on a flat stand (the ones my DYn's are on) i'm going to miss the full effect.  Anybody have suggestions on this?