From DV P75 MKIII to Parasound JC3+

If your interested in my full gear see the system link below.

In short I replaced my DV P75 MKIII with a JC3+. I run a VPI Scout Turntable with a DV 20x2L cart. I have the initial loading at 100 Ohms.

Initial impressions with only a couple hours on the new JC3+. Smooth, natural sound with extended highs and a good grip on bass. Instruments seem more rounded and complex/textured. Openness is about the same as the DV so far, but that may just require break in to open it up. Mind the DV was pretty open. The gain is a lower than my DV was, but the unit is very quiet so turning up the volume from its original set point fixes that.

No hum to speak of.

I will,enjoy the break in process, though I'm not sure how long I should anticipate.

So far so good. I'll report back once I've run the gear in.
The gulf between the DV and the the JC3+ has seriously widened!!!

Aside from my speakers this is the greatest noticeable upgrade to my rig since I started putting it together several years ago. This is not an exaggeration.

Albums that were once merely good now sound truly amazing and yes musical beyond what I thought my system could ever convey. The palpable nature of the music just presents itself in buckets. The fullness of the music and the non coloration is impressive.

I guess sometimes you do get what you pay for. Don't get me wrong the DV P75 wasn't bad but this thing is truly in another league.

Synergy or whatever you wanna call it it's working for me right now.
I use to think my digital front end was equal or better in a lot of cases to my analog rig but now the DAC, while nice, isn't even close. I'm so glad I got to achieve this level of sonic rightness (though merely meager buy some people's standards I'm sure).

Anyway if your system contains very revealing speakers like my Thiels and your concerned about brightness or bass muddyness this phono pre is NOT showing any signs of those things at all.
If I would have known the 100 ohm load would work so good I might have gone the basic JC3 and not the + version, but I'm very happy with what I've been fortunate to purchase.
IMHO, the phono preamp is the most important link in the audio component chain. Enjoy it!