From Casablanca 3 to Integra 80.3?

I have a 4 year old Casablanca 3 with Extreme DACs on the left and right channels. I want to move into home theatre but do not have the HDMI upgrade. I know that one option is to pay $5000 for the upgrade, but I'm not keen on that. Frankly, the Casablanca is much too sophisticated for me. I'd like a simpler machine that has today's video processing capabilities (including 3D), if possible. I also would like not to depend on Casablanca's pricey upgrades.

But, what's most important is the sound. I don't want to give up the Extreme's DAC performance. If possible, I'm interested in even better DACs if they exist.

My system is Legacy Whisper with matching CODA amps. The video source is OPPO 93. The stereo is extremely revealing, and the Casablanca DACs made a huge difference when I first got it.

People have recommended the Integra 80.3. Is this the way to go? How will the DAC compare to the Casablanca? Better or worse (on the one hand it's not as high end, on the other hand it's 5 years newer).

If yes to the Integra, where can I get a deal online?

Thanks for any advice.
You are going to take a hit in sound quality going from CBIII with Xtreme cards to a mid-fi processor like integra. If you shop around and get the upgrade done for below 3,500. I would consider it. If you decide to sell the CBIII you should do it quick - new DAC card is in the works and resale value of Xtreme cards will take a hit (although you never know when Theta actually delivers)
I’ll second what Edorr says about staying with your Casablanca III. I have a Casablanca II with Extreme DAC’s and I can’t imagine what the bang for the buck would be to add HDMI. I recently replaced my Theta Compli with a factory hot-rodded Theta Compli Blu. In doing that I swapped out my Kubala-Sosna Emotion XLR/EBU for a Stereovox Reference XV-Ultra Digital cable. To my surprise, the Stereovox really opened up the Extreme DAC’s.
keep the Theta and get the OPPO 95 universal player. It has all the bells and whistles you'll need for HT including 3d. That will set you back only $1k.
A reasonable alternative that could preserve the audio quality you want might be a Classe SSP 800, especially if you could find one on Audiogon. When I replaced my Proceed PAV/PDSD to get HDMI, processing for the lossless codecs, and bit-stream DSD, I settled on a Cary 11a because I got such a good deal. I use a DVDO iScan Duo for video processing the output of a DirecTV HD-DVR; the HDMI-1 video output from an Oppo 93 or 95 doesn't need external processing. I listened to an Integra 80.1, their current model at the time, but didn't get the sense of air and transparency I wanted.

An Oppo 95 might work if you can live with six cables running between the disc player and processor, but I don't know if the lossless codecs can be output analog. My setup does both music and HT, and I gather that's what you want too.

Thanks everyone for the advice.

The Oppo BDP-95 option recommended by some will not work for me, as I was hoping to use more than one HDMI audio and video sources (Oppo and computer).

I gather that the general consensus that the CBIII extreme DACs are superior to what's available in Integral/Denon even though they are 4-5 years old. I was secretly hoping that DAC technology improved a lot in the last few years, and propagated to mid-priced model. From your comments, this has not been the case.

Where can I get the CBIII upgrade done for the street price of around $3500?

I am still reluctant to go this route because the CBIII is much too sophisticated for me. I have never been sure if I calibrated it properly for my stereo, and am even more scared to think how I could set a 5-speaker system. This is why I was hoping for a simpler, more current receiver/processor.

Thanks again for the advice.
Of course, you could add a separate Audyssey unit to kill all the birds with multiple stones, then hire a pro to calibrate your setup. The expected result would be outstanding sound for music and HT, the best of both worlds.

I'm not sure computer audio would use an HDMI connection; my reading of posts here and at the Asylum suggests not, but I have no experience in this matter.

Moosik, the Xtreme DACs are actually over 10 years old. The fact that apparently no mid price SSP can best a CBIII with Xtreme cards, defies all logic, but there are lots of people attesting to this. I personally moved from an Audio Note 2.1 DAC for 2 channel to Xtremes and preferred the Xtremes. I have since moved to PS Audio Perfectwave MKII which is a few notches up still.

I can point you into the direction of a good deal on the upgrade. I beleive you cannot send private messages anymore, but if you post a question under an item I have listed for sale, I we can establish a line of communications.