From Bryston to Pass X250.5 ?

Haven't heard the Pass as there is no Pass dealer in town, but wondering what kind of differences I could expect if I switched from Bryston 4B-SST to the Pass X250.5. Would highs be more refined ? and what about the midrange ?
I,m also intrested in this answer because i, contemplating upgrading to either of them from a Bryston 3bst.
In my experience the Pass is MUCH better in the mids and treble - much smoother to my ears.

Excellent bass too - maybe not quite as good as the Bryston - but I'll take that trade any day.

The Pass X.5 series is very impressive.
I did this exact thing about 1 1/2 years ago after having Bryston equipment for 6 years. A big, big leap up in sound with the highs more refined, bass more articulated and the lushest midrange I have ever had. One difference though. I had purchased the Pass X1 preamp about 6 months prior. Take the next step. You'll be more than satisfied.
Looks like this thread could could cost me some dollars down the road (again).

Question to Rd : did you buy the .5 version or the previous one ?
Significant improvement in all areas, I owned 4bsst, 150.5, 250.5 and 350.5. I prefer even 150.5 to bryston.
Yes. I bought the .5 version. Rick

You mention "significant improvement in all areas". Could you elaborate ?
I am also looking to make the jump from a 3B ST to an x250.
Holy crap. I switched a Bryston BP26 in place of my MOON P5 preamp, and the difference is astounding. Perhaps just a question of synergy, because the P5 is an excellent pre in its own right, but now I find the 4B-SST is definitely a keeper.

I had read a couple of reviews in European magazines where they basically were saying that the BP26 is truly an exceptional pre, and I have to agree. Looks stupid, in typical Bryston fashion, and certainly not nearly as good as the P5,but man does it play the music. More openness, clarity, better imaging, coherence, precision - you name it.