From Audio Research CD2 to Benchmark:upgrade?

How Audio Research CD2 own DAC stocks up against Benchmark?
Would you consider it an upgrade if i use ARC CD2 as a transport and pipe it thru the Benchmark DAC?
Also,how it compares to CAL Alpha that i have?
Should i go for it or stick with what i have?
Thank You.
Don't underestimate the improvement the Benchmark will provide. In balanced mode it is exceptionally good, clean and well textured with a great top end. Jallen
If the CD2 has a BNC like the newer CD3 I would definitely give the benchmark a shot.
When I changed the RCA on my transport to BNC for a better impedence match between components then added a simple silver transmission line w/ BNC's, the Benchmarks level of realism doubled in every respect. Dynamics, smoothness and scale became nearly world class. No kidding!