From Akito I to SME 309 - A real improvement ??

I would like to know the magnitude of such a step-up.
Do you have subtle improvement or....
It's like going from a Fisher-Price toy tool to a Professional hand tool.There is no comparison.Plus it's a hundred times easier to set up a cartridge.Ditto for the sound.
I've just replaced my Akito I with an SME model 10 & I have also incorporated the Extreme Phono carbon fibre sub-chassis & armboard upgrade as well as a silver interconnect cable from the same company, (see additional comments under header 'Extereme Phono-first listening impressions). The improvement in sound is amazing, easily the best music reproduction that I have experianced! What can be attributed independantly to the arm & sub-chassis is impossible to quantify but the SME has a real quality about it that makes the Akito look a bit 'Micky mouse'.
Hey tks for replying !
As you can see in my other post I am considering a W benesch too.
This due to the more complex armboard needed for the SME 309 compared to the easier WB.
But still 309 is one option.