Fritz Speakers Carbon 6 Review

This is my review of the Fritz Carbon 6.

It took me a few weeks to really appreciate the Carbon 6’s but once I did, let me tell, I fell in love with them. The Carbon 6’s are a solid sounding, beautifully handcrafted speaker, designed and built from start to finish by a single person.

The Carbon 6’s, like all of Fritz’s designs, use an acoustic reality crossover. Acoustic reality series crossovers inherently use less components and therefore keeps the signal more pure. Fritz informs me that series crossovers are more difficult to implement but that the results are worth the extra work because they just sound better.

The Carbon 6’s use an SB Acoustics soft dome tweeter in conjunction with a carbon fiber and rohacell sandwiched 6” driver. The integration between the two drivers is flawless. Fritz has a knack for pairing drivers together that sound very cohesive. I absolutely could not tell where the crossover point was nor where one driver handed off to the other.

The Carbon 6’s didn’t grab my attention right away, but now after 3 weeks with them, I like them more and more everyday. They provided the opposite of the “honeymoon effect”. That’s not to say that they didn’t sound great right away but I could see someone being completely satisfied with these speakers for a very long time.

The Carbon 6’s are very dynamic, open, detailed, and fast. They have great pace rhythm and timing, and the tight punchy bass propels the music forward in a fun, bouncy manner. The bass response is outstanding. They were able to produce tight, satisfying bass down into the low 40 hz range and do so quite loudly without any audible strain or compression of the music. There is not one part of the frequency range that sticks out or draws attention to itself. The low end sounds great, as do the mids and the highs. There is absolutely no veil between you and the music that I am able to hear. Just a clean clear picture of the music. The speakers image really well and are able to provide a nice deep soundstage.

I’m really not sure that there is much to fault with the Carbon 6’s. They are a very solid all around performer and will easily please many people looking for a compact stand mount speaker. If you are looking for a stand mount speaker around the $2k price point that does everything well, I’d suggest that you put the Carbon 6’s on your short list. Fritz is an exceptional speaker builder, continually designing and building solid sounding speakers that he sells at a very fair price.

I highly recommend these speakers as well as all of Fritz’s speakers in general. They are well thought out, beautifully constructed, and just sound really, really good. Another job well done!

Bravo Fritz!

The link to pictures, associated equipment and set-up details is:

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I’d agree Stereo5!  They sound fantastic too.  I’m listening to them now and they are just such a solid all around performer.  
If anyone is interested in hearing them and are in the Colorado Springs area, feel free to reach out to me via pm and we can arrange a time for you to come over and hear some of your favorite music on them!  
I would have bought them but am going with a pair of Carreras simply because the Carreras are one of my favorite stand mount speakers that I have ever heard.  However, if I had ended up with the Carbons 6’s I wouldn’t have been sad about it at all.  The Carbon 6’s are awesome speakers!  It’s just that the Carreras are absolutely phenomenal speakers, in my opinion.  I got a voicemail from Fritz today (sorry Fritz, I was sleeping!) and he informed me that my pair will be done in a week or two. I can hardly wait but having the Carbon 6’s to listen to in the interim is really helping 😁

My wife and I will be in Colorado Springs next Spring if this virus gets killed off.  I will keep you in mind.  We usually stay at the Hilton Garden Inn near the AFB.   In 2017 we stayed in the Boulder area for 5 days.  I made 4 trips to The Bud Depot during that time😄
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Awesome!  If you’ve never been here, I can play tour guide for a day 😁. 
I’m a Colorado Springs native and know all the cool spots you should check out!  Garden of The Gods, Glen Eyrie, Cheyenne Canyon, The Broadmoor 👍, but even more than that, I know how to best enjoy each of those areas.
Bishops Castle, The Sand Dunes, Hwy 67 to Hwy 285, Guenella Pass, Breckenridge,  are all fun areas too.

I’m more than happy to meet up and have some fun.

i will definitely get in touch before the trip. We have been to Garden of the Gods and we went to a town west of Colorado Springs where I bought a beautiful turquoise ring. We took a drive on a nice 2 lane highway which went along a river where people were rafting and there was an Indian Casino further up. The highway was called Top Of The Rockys. It started near Pikes Peak. I would love to drive that road again. We ended up in Vail, CO. 
Yeah, that was either Cripple Creek or Black Hawk.  
I’d love to show you hwy 67 to hwy 285 to Guenella Pass, the I-70 to Loveland Pass to Keystone then Breck. It’s about a 4 hour drive but you make it take all day because you stop and hike and picnic.  
Then you stay in Breck for the night somewhere nice for a good price because its off season.  Wake up the next morning, leisurely walk around Breckenridge, then drive back to the springs.

Its an awesome adventure!
Fantastic.  I will let you know a couple months in advance.  It all depends if my daughters wedding isn't cancelled due to Covid19.  She is against having to wear masks on her big day.  I kind of agree since she has waited for the big day for 37 years.  We won't go anywhere unless this virus loses its punch or a cure comes up.  I really want to do it in late April and all of May.  I bought a new SUV in February (first on ever), and am dying to take it on a long road trip.  I don't even have 500 miles on it yet.
I thought that I’d update this thread.  It’s been only 3 days since I originally posted my review but I am liking these Carbon 6’s more and more everyday.  I have some Carreras coming in a few weeks but I’m starting to wonder really how much better the Carreras can be.  This is going to really interesting. These Carbon 6’s are starting to blow me away In a similar way that the Carreras did.  Anyhow, if anyone is here in Colorado Springs and wants to come over and hear these, you’re more than welcome.  A second opinion would appreciated as well.

Anyhow, if you are considering a pair of speakers from Fritz, and you have read reviews of them and their qualities are in line with what you are seeking, pull the trigger on a pair.  I highly doubt that you will regret it.

Now back to the music...

I have come close to pulling the trigger on Carerras having heard them but have not heard the Carbons. If they are that close and similarly easy to drive the lower cost would be a good sell point for me in that I already run 6 different pair of speakers around the house.

Part of the appeal for me is the easy load and option of running off a modest cost tube integrated amp perhaps someday.

@mapman , these Carbon 6’s are quite different than the Carbon 7’s I suspect.  6” carbon fiber / rohacell driver vs a 7”’paper driver...

The Carbon 6’s have grown on me quite a bit over the past week.  With that in mind though, Fritz is building me a pair of Carreras right now.  I’m going to go ahead and buy the Carreras!  
OP, can you elaborate more on the sonic differences between the Carbon 6 and Carrerras?  What does Carrerras do better if you still think they are better?  Thx