Fritz LS 7: Better than WaveTouch Antero?

If anyone has listened to both of these in the same system, I'd be grateful for your impressions.  I have the Anteros, powered by a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP amp.  I like the Antero; I wonder if I'd like the Fritz more...

Sorry, I'd let you know if I had.  I'm not going to claim expertise with something I've never even seen in real life. :)


Hi for what it's worth i have tried both the 

Carbon 7 SE Mk2 and REV 7 SE. I have all tube; cary audio sl 80 f1 integrated,  vpi classic 3 with koetsu black cartridge, manley Chinook phono pre amp, audio mirror troubadour se dac with mogami speaker cables, morrow and McMullen interconnects and Cullen power cables. I am not a professional reviewer but in my system if you had a scale from 1-10 with 1 being below 35hz and 10 being above 50khz, the Rev 7Se is extremely solid in the 2-7 range with avg score of 4.5. The carbon 7 mk ii is more in the 2.5-8 range with avg. Score of 5.5 ....math may be wrong but the sense is the carbon 7 seems to bring forward more if the mid to high frequencies while the Rev 7se seems to bring forward a focus on the low high to mids. I prefer the carbon 7.mkii in my system and own them to. Hope this helps