Fritz LS 7: Better than WaveTouch Antero?

If anyone has listened to both of these in the same system, I'd be grateful for your impressions.  I have the Anteros, powered by a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP amp.  I like the Antero; I wonder if I'd like the Fritz more...
I’m not familiar with the LS7’s but I just received a pair of Fritz Carrera BE’s today, on loan for awhile, and let me tell you, they are exceptionally good sounding speakers.  
I want to spend many more hours with them before giving a full review on them but right out of the gate, these are really something quite special!

Fritz is usually available to talk about the speakers that he builds. He is extremely knowledgable about speaker design and will discuss the pros and cons of the high end drivers that he uses in his speakers.  
He’s got a straightforward design approach, using top quality drivers, thoughtfully laid out crossovers utilizing top notch components with tight tolerances, and extremely well built, rigid cabinets.  
From what I’ve heard so far, I can highly recommend fritz speakers.  
Thanks.  I'd already believed all those points from the reading I've done, which is what makes me wonder about the comparison with my Anteros, which I regard as quite special.
Yeah, I have no experience with the Anteros but I remember when wavetouch was just starting to make speakers.  I wish I had some experience with them; some people really love them!
I personally prefer the sound of the Fritz with the ring radiator to the Be. I just prefer the naturalness of the Ring vs. the bite of the Be.


Oh, should have pointed out:  My main speakers are AMTs as well.  I don't think you would loose anything by switching.

So can we discuss the relative merits of these?

Carbon 7 SE Mk2

LS 7


Carbon uses a soft dome, LS a more expensive soft dome, and the REV the ring that Eric likes.

You know, OP, you should just ask if Fritz will send you 2 models at the same time. I bet he would work something out for you.

Erik, I'd only potentially be interested in his top model, which at the moment appears to be the LS 7.
The driver package in the LS 7 is really amazing. I consider the mid-woofer among the very best sounding in the world.  I have never heard the soft dome, but it comes from a great pedigree.

Sorry, I'd let you know if I had.  I'm not going to claim expertise with something I've never even seen in real life. :)


Hi for what it's worth i have tried both the 

Carbon 7 SE Mk2 and REV 7 SE. I have all tube; cary audio sl 80 f1 integrated,  vpi classic 3 with koetsu black cartridge, manley Chinook phono pre amp, audio mirror troubadour se dac with mogami speaker cables, morrow and McMullen interconnects and Cullen power cables. I am not a professional reviewer but in my system if you had a scale from 1-10 with 1 being below 35hz and 10 being above 50khz, the Rev 7Se is extremely solid in the 2-7 range with avg score of 4.5. The carbon 7 mk ii is more in the 2.5-8 range with avg. Score of 5.5 ....math may be wrong but the sense is the carbon 7 seems to bring forward more if the mid to high frequencies while the Rev 7se seems to bring forward a focus on the low high to mids. I prefer the carbon 7.mkii in my system and own them to. Hope this helps