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Great review!
I was seriously thinking about getting the Carreras a while ago.
I ended-up buying a set of Eminent Technology LFT-8b, hybrids.
Fritz has so many good reviews on his products, enjoy! Turn it up!

Thanks Scratcha!

I’ve not researched those Eminent Technology LFT 8b’s... they look very interesting and look to be quite the bargain!  Thanks for giving me something to read up on this evening 😁
I have to admit that you are right... they are exceptional speakers; I would classify them as great.  I apologize if I gave you the wrong impression about them.
They are not innovative are they. Whats so special about them? They look just like every other book shelf speaker out there. And horribly overpriced. $3~$4k!  let me guess, are they made of mdf!
Judged without ever hearing them, you're a wealth of knowledge here......said no one ever.

Kenjit you are a dolt and apparently cannot read to know what makes one speaker different than the other. Go figure it out smart guy. 
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Beautiful room, great review. I used to have an Anthem  225i very underrated amp in my humble opinion. I have the STR Integrated  now. 
@djones51, Thanks for your kind words!  The STR is awesome!  I wish I could afford it.  The new Yamaha s2100 and s3000 look awesome too...

I enjoy my little humble stereo room very much.  Its therapy for me.  I have really enjoyed the smart lighting in there.  For about $150 I have 8 light bulbs in there that I can change the color and brightness of, each one from my phone.  You can save “scenes” as well!  Fun stuff.

I can’t believe how many phenomenal set-ups are in “virtual systems” here.  Many many rooms that just blow mine out of the water but mine still brings me joy 😊 I would have no clue about any of this if it weren’t for the members here sharing their expertise and knowledge, and photos of their listening rooms so I am appreciative of that!
The STR was $900 off so I grabbed one a couple weeks ago. Your room looks like a wonderful oasis my system is in my living room no place for a dedicated room which the STR helps with ARC. 
An Anthem amp impressed me greatly recently at a dealer running a pair of Klipsch Heresy IV. 
I heard the Fritz Carrera BE's at Capital Audio Fest last year. I must say they are the most impressive stand mounted speakers I've heard for my tastes. 

Also kenjit, oh never mind I will never comment on your drivel. Hopefully others will follow suit so that you fade off into oblivion where your mind seems to already be.