Fritz Carbon 7 vs. Nola Boxer or Harbeth?

Has anyone been able to a/b the Fritz Carbon 7 to the Nola Boxer or some of the Harbeth offerings? I would be interested in your impressions.
I think for the money the Nola boxer is the best. If you want to spend 3500.00 buy the Harbeth 7es-III. All 3 speakers can be driven with low power amplification. You can't go wrong with any of these speakers. Absolute sound has a review on the Fritz 7's in the new edition.
Hey Goose - haven't directly compared the speakers in your post, but I do own the Fritz Carbon 7's and love them. They have low, tight bass, nice resolution and are very musical. No need for a sub and I can listen for hours without fatigue. Fritz is a great guy, with fantastic service and you can audition them at home.
Fritz got a review in TAS? Really? Wow... he must be thrilled... be interested to read it when my issue arrives.
There is a head to head review between the Harbeth and Fritz 5 inch woofer model over on audio circle .interesting read . The reviewer liked em both