fritz carbon 7 vs gallo starda's

did anyone could compare fritzspeakers carbon 7 to gallo's strada?
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Can't speak for the Gallo's, but for me, the Carbon 7's are the best monitors I've heard under $4000, and I've heard a lot. Relatively speaking, I would call it's sound warm, so if brightness is a priority, you might not like them. Otherwise, you'd probably fall in love with them like almost everyone who hears them. I can go on and on about how much I like the Carbon 7's, but check out the recent review on Sonicflare dot com, I believe Sean accurately describes the Carbon 7's.
Thanks,Mrkoven. I'm looking to replace my Paradigm Studio monitor's 20. I use them with Vitue audio sensation tripath based amp with JT upgraded power supply, they claimed it has about 70-80 wpc. So far I know Gallo's are power hungry. How much power Carbon's need?
The Carbon 7's have a relatively smooth impedance curve so they are fairly easy to drive. I've used low power tubes and high power SS, they both work very well. Never used Virtue amps before but if your room is small then it should be fine, otherwise a budget SS amp off Audiogon like a Parasound or Adcom would really make the Carbon 7's sing. But again, not picky about amplification.

As for replacing the Studio 20's, that's going be a night and day difference. There's another Carbon 7 owner who replaced his Paradigm Studio 100 towers, he's extremely satisfied.
Mrkoven, the sensation, even around $900 as mine is a amazing amp, far better than I expected, check audiocircle forums for reviews. I've contacted Fritz with a lot of questions already, now waiting for his response.
How did things work out? I hope you're enjoying a pair of Carbon 7's as we speak!
I received them last Friday. I totaly enjoy them. as you mentioned, it's entirely different experience, compared to paradigms. They are musical, much more refined and deep bass, excellent midrange and more "natural' trebles.
The way I listen to the music, the sensation is powerful enough for carnon's.
Thank you for the info.
That's exactly how I felt when I heard Carbon 7 for the first time.
My last speakers.
I am the owner who replaced my Paradigm Reference 100 v.4's with Fritz's Carbon 7's. I could not be happier. I loved my 100's but the PAL dome's treble began to be fatiguing, especially at higher volumes. The silk domes on the Carbon 7's are oh so sweet - every bit of the treble detail of the Paradigm's with absolutely none of the fatigue. I can listen to them for hours on end. As for bass they go almost as low as the 100's in my room. I am moving next week and will get a chance to hear them in a much larger space. The Carbon 7's are very natural with excellent imaging and soundstage. I love them and have never regretted my decision to replace the Paradigm's. I expect the Fritz Carbon 7's will be with me for many years.
They sound a little like ACI speakers from your descriptions