Fritz Carbon 7's vs. Dynaudio 1.3SE

I currently have the Dynaudio Special 25's and have owned the 1.3 SE's in the past. I need to downsize and I'm considering the Fritz Carbon 7's. I would be using a McIntosh MC162 amp which is 100w@ 8ohms and 160w@ at 4ohms. I figure the Fritz's will be a little easier to drive. Anyone out there who can compare the two? Thanks.
You can't go wrong with the Carbon 7s. Fritz will ship them to you for an in home audition. I have not compared the two, the only Dyns I have heard the Special 25s and the Temptation. From what I remember from the Special 25s is they image wonderfully. The Carbon 7s do well in that department too. For the money, the Carbon 7s will be hard to beat.
Kclone, thanks for the response. I'm seriously looking at the Carbon 7's. I can get them new for roughly the same price I can buy a used pair of 1.3SE's. I really like the Special 25's and if I don't lose too much with the Carbon 7's I think I'll be happy. I'll have ot give Fritz a call.
yeah, give Fritz a call. He is a great guy and will go the extra mile for you. The great thing is, if they are not your cup of tea, just send them back. I'm sure you searched already but there is already professional reviews on the Carbon 7s from Stereo Mojo, Sonic Flare, and Positive Feedback. So if you haven't already check those out. Everyone raves about the bass on these things, which is very good, but I was impressed with the treble myself. In the end, it is just a really fun speaker. What amp are you using?
I would be using a McIntosh MC162, 100w @8ohms.
Another vote for Fritz and his Carbons. I haven't heard the Dyn 1.3s, but I have heard the C1s, and I don't think the Carbon's are giving up anything like 5k of performance in that comparison. John
JDoris, thanks for the response. I had the C1's for a few months. A great speaker but my room was too small and I just couldn't give them the room they needed away from the back wall. That's an impressive comparison for the Carbons.
Hi Jimmy. You might call Fritz; he can work with you on port configurations that can function closer to boundaries. While the C1 is well liked around here, and I may be an outlier, I'd probably take the Carbon's even if the prices were closer. John
Downsize? The Carbon 7s are like $1700. How much would you be pocketing if you sold your Special 25s? Not enough to change a speaker that you like, I would think. Sounds like you just want something new. Nothing wrong with that.
Yeah, the Special 25s are VERY good. Like Charyo said if you just want a change in sound that is one thing, but as far as better? That might be a challenge. It would be kind of neat to bring the Carbon 7s in for a direct compairison though.
Well, I've been borrowing the 25's from a friend of mine for the past year or so. He now needs them. I used to own the 1.3SE's. I'm afraid I might be spoiled by the 25's.
the carbon 7's are nothing short of amazing, they're simply unbeatable at the price they sell at, easily competes with (and defeats) much more expensive speakers

they are truly something special. fritz's attitude and service is the icing on the cake.
Mrkoven, I agree. I think the asking price is a deterrent to potential buyers. People need to be open minded with these because they preform way higher than their asking price. Heck, there have been some shows where attendees have said his room had some of the best sound at the entire show. Of course more goes into that than just the speakers, but still very telling. At one show I think he had some old beat up receiver driving them. The good news is Fritz is not done. I know the Carbon 7s are keeping him busy, but he is the type that will keep trying something new and I'm sure he will have a new creation that may top the Carbon 7s in the future.