Fritz Carbon 7 and tube amp?

I have a PrimaLuna Prologue with Nola Boxers. I'm curious to try the Fritz Carbon 7's wondering if the PrimaLuna is enough to drive the Carbon7's?
more than enough, the primaluna drove BW602 without a problem
Give Fritz a call. He's a great guy and who would know better?
Thanks for your interest Steve. Any of my models can be driven with your tube amp. Check out the impedance & phase curves of my designs, no other loudspeakers have such smooth curves and are as easy to drive unless they also use series crossovers.

Disclaimer... I'm Fritz
I bought a pair for my son and Fritz said that 100watts was about the right territory to drive his speakers optimally. That really pushes you towards SS, if you don't want to break the bank, not that the speakers would shame a more expensive tube amp at all, they are dam fine speakers, but good tube watts do tend to cost a bit more than SS ones when you get to 100watts.
Fritz and I have exhibited together at audiophile shows for a few years now. The Carbon 7 speakers are a smooth 6 ohm load that we are easily able to drive with our 12 watt 300B tube amp. So the notion that a solid state or tube amp with a fair amount of power is needed does not necessarily apply. There are a number of other factors involved but the speaker design itself allows you to consider a few different options.
I use the Prologue Two to drive my Carbon 7's. It drives them well. I also use a Rogue Sphinx that also works well with them. Carbon 7's are nice to listen to.