Friends, who has headphones with the 1/4" maleplug

I am looking for decent, affordable headphones with the old style 1/4" male plug at the end. I want durability! Of course, they gotta sound good too! Grado, Sennheiser are a couple of choices I have considered.
If you can't find headphones with the 1/4" phone plug you can get adaptors from Radio shack to covert to the 1/4" plug from the smaller ones:
I have had some Grado SR125's for about 5 years that I think hit the sweet spot in their line for resolution and listenability versus price. They have been durable for living room use, although my 20-something son managed to trash his pair of SR60's. I really like the sound I get from the open air Grado design, but as opposed to closed ear designs, they can be heard (faintly) by others in the room and louder outside sounds can intrude at lower volumes.
Any headphones designed for studio/Pro use(ie: Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, Denon, Sony, MB Quart).