Fried R4 no midrange

I am hopeful that someone at this site will have knowledge and advise as to how I can troubleshoot and repair my Fried R4 with no mid range speaker output. Bass and tweeter work awesome. All the wires appear to be connected and it dows not appear that any compnoents on the circuit board are burned or discolored. any help is appreciated!!!
If you have an ohmmeter; test the midrange speaker(disconnected) for continuity. If you have no reading: either the lead-in wires have broken, or the voicecoil has opened up. If you have no ohmmeter; use a 1 1/2 volt battery(like a AA cell) and a couple wires to see if the cone moves when you energize the midrange. Just flick the wires across the midrange speaker's terminals. If the midrange is good; the trouble is in the crossover or wiring. Components can open up without apparent/obvious damage.